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Deciding on where to eat can be tough in a city as full of great spots as ours. That’s why, every week we’re going to a new spot and giving you the inside scoop.  We’re telling you the best time to go, the best seat in the house and, of course, the best food and drink you can order. This is The Low Down.

When You’re Going

Ok, first,  this place is popular. Like, crazy popular right now. So, when you do decide to go, be prepared to wait. But, if you do want to wait a little less, go when they first open. Right now, they open at 11 and then close between 3 and 5.  Now, the food waiting for you at the end of the line will seem like gold at the end of the rainbow – but stick it out. Fred’s is serving up some of the best casual food in town right now.

Where You’re Sitting

There is small counter at Fred’s that, if you’re lucky enough to snag a seat at, allows you to watch the kitchen in action. But, our favorite seat in the house is one of the large tables at the entrance of Krog Street Market. This gives you easy access to the insane tap lineup at Hop City and let’s your friends grab goodies from one of the other vendors. Beer from Hop City, a grinder from Fred’s and a pastry from Little Tart Bakery? Heaven.

What’s In Your Glass

We already mentioned the lineup at Hop City that you can hit up to enjoy your Fred’s with. Now, if you want something a little more nostalgic, or less inebriating, Fred’s serves up vintage style sodas. Let the bubbles of a cold Cheerwine tickle your nose as you devour a cheesesteak and everything will be right in the world.

What’s On Your Plate

Ok, so full honesty, this author has been dreading writing this paragraph since starting the piece. That’s because to choose just 1 or 2 things at Fred’s is such a big feat. There are so many crazy-good/can’t stop thinking about it, options on the menu. But, if we had to choose just one perfect meal it would be the ribeye cheesesteak. This is probably the best version of the famed sandwich you’ll find in Atlanta. Tender steak grilled with onions and melty cheese. And the bread that perfectly soaks up the flavors and hold it all together. Add a side of mouthwatering Old Bay fries and you’re set. Last meal worthy.

And about the fries? In my dream world, these would be the basis of the single greatest order of poutine ever created. So, Fred’s? Make it happen? Pretty please!


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