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Three of Atlanta’s Best M&M Topped Desserts

You know how to make a bunch of M&Ms disappear? Put them in our office – they will be gone in no time. To celebrate National M&M Day on October 13th, we identified some of our favorite Atlanta desserts that get that little something extra when they add M&Ms.

cookie dough with M&M's from Batter Cookie Dough

At batter cookie dough, you can get tons of different cookie dough options, but the toppings are what really seal the deal. We topped ours off with an M&M cookies, M&M’s and more M&M’s.

Ali’s Cookies
Lots of folks make M&M cookies, but what makes Ali’s really special is how they manage to get those little M&M bits on the edges of every cookie. It’s a super-dense cookie that goes perfect with a glass of milk.

a chocolate shake from cheesecaked topped with M&M's

They’ve got great cheesecakes (of course) but their milkshakes are what really makes the folks on Instagram go crazy. We got ours topped with whipped cream (also, of course), M&M cookies, and M&M’s.

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