Tortas, Tapas and a Kangaroo Burger. How We’re World Cupping Today!

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Ok, don’t get us wrong, we like the World Cup. But what we really love is the food! With 32 nations competing to hoist the trophy, we can’t help but think of all the delicious cuisine their fans are eating at home while cheering them on. So, we wanted to get in on the tasty acton. Every day we will bring you ┬ásome of the Atlanta restaurants that are cooking up ┬áthe specialties of the competing nations. Dig in and enjoy the ride!

Friday, June 13


The Match: Mexico vs. Camaroon

Where We’re Eating: El Rey Del Taco

This Buford highway taqueria serves up authentic Mexican food to the masses at all hours. Be sure to order lengua tacos on homemade tortillas. Or, if you’re really hungry, a torta stuffed with chorizo and egg. Bonus: they have televisions and margaritas. But make sure you’re wearing green, the color of the national team.



The Match: Spain vs. Netherlands

Where We’re Eating: Barcelona Wine Bar

Ok, this isn’t a traditional Spanish restaurant. They are very proud of serving a lot of local fare. But, with tapas, and a wine list as long as a football pitch, you’ll be in the spirit in no time!

The Match: Chile vs. Australia

Where We’re Eating: Australian Bakery Cafe

Ever wanted to try a kangaroo burger? Well, this Marietta cafe can make your dreams come true! If you’re not quite up to that, they have a wide selection of Australian fare including fish & chips, meat pies and sausage rolls. They even have Vegamite for sale!


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