Genie in a Bottle…a Can…a Cooler!

Hey! Have you met our new genie!? Its name is Tower, and it granted three wishes for us!

1. We wish there was a one-stop shop for all summer adult beverage needs

2. We wish said beverages floated to our car

3. We wish our coolers filled themselves with ice

Okay, maybe that was a little corny. Our apologies… But on the real, Tower Beer Wine & Spirits is awesome. We’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t tell you about all their cool stuff. They’ve got a huge selection of everything you could want for a party, a tailgate, or a weekend at the lake. From American Spirit Whiskey to real ginger beer to Mojito mixers to Black Box wines… They’ve got it all. Really. Most importantly, they care about you! Everything the folks at Tower do is meant to ease your set-up and prep so you can focus on the summer fun itself…now that’s how it should be!

With Tower’s huge selection, you only need to go to one place to find everything you need. That saves you time, which gives you a few extra poolside hours. Extra poolside hours are a good thing. The employees are super knowledgeable and love to answer questions. They’ll double check the details. Do you need a cocktail shaker to combine those ingredients? Got a bottle opener with you? Some Solo cups? They will even bring all your boxes to your car! Last but not least, no longer do you have to swing by a gas station on the way home for ice – which let’s be real, we all hate doing. Tower will chill and fill your cooler for you. 
So forget about the set up. Get ready for rosé all day and a selection of craft beers perfect for poolside hangin’. 
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