The 5 Chinese Food Spots That You Just Pray Are Open on Christmas Eve…

It’s not just in “Christmas Story” or your Jewish friends’ ritual anymore- everyone is now turning to Chinese Food around the X-Mas holidays. More and more folks are understanding that Chinese food has a role, be it Christmas Eve, X-Mas day or the days leading up to or just after. Chinese Food is passion for me and my family and we don’t discriminate on which holidays make the most sense.  For those of you who perhaps don’t obsess over knowing every Chinese restaurant in town like I do, I then offer my services with my 5 places to get your Chinese food groove on Christmas Eve or any other day.

1. Canton Cooks–  This Sandy Spring staple has been my “go to” spot for going on almost two decades.  The pot stickers rock, the chow fun is insane and the freshness of all the ingredients here is what separates them.  To take it to the next level- think seafood (lobster, mussels, etc.) with black bean sauce and be ready to be blown away.


2. Lin’s Chinese Cuisine When the folks in Alpharetta want to go Asian, Lin’s delivers in a huge way. Get started with the sizzling rice soup and then the old standby triple delight combines scallops, shrimp and chicken in the perfect sauce.  After almost twenty years, this beautiful venue understands how to cater to customers and does it as well as anyone OTP.


3. Tasty China- Another rock star Chinese spot outside the perimeter is Marietta’s tried and true Tasty China on Franklin Rd.  Don’t be fooled by location, this is authentic Sichuan food with spices that challenge the folks use to “Americanized” Chinese food.  Think about the Dan Dan noodles and the beef tenderloin dish and tell them to keep the pitchers of water coming.


4. Chef Liu’s This is a Buford Highway sure thing that I have been loving on for many years.  The generic strip mall backdrop does not set you up for the explosion of flavors that come through from one of this city’s true Asian treasures.  The star of the menu is clearly the soup dumplings but the pork fried buns are not far behind and as for dishes that could change your life look no further than Three Cup Chicken.

chef liu

5. Man Chun Hong  You can’t talk about great Chinese meals in Atlanta without diving into the world of noodle soups and Man Chun Hong, another Buford Highway staple, delivers time and again.  This beautifully nondescript spot delivers flavors with their soups and asian noodles dishes that will have you imagining you are spending Christmas Eve in Hong Kong.

Man Chun Hong

Learn more about Atlanta’s best Asian restaurants here and be sure to catch Atlanta Eats on Peachtree TV every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m.!

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