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The Ultimate ATL Doughnut Guide

***Written by guest blogger Lia Picard***

Atlanta has plenty to debate about (ITP or OTP?) but there’s one thing we can all agree on: Atlanta is a doughnut town. Sure there are the usual chains, but with so many local doughnut joints who needs them? Whether you’re inside or outside the perimeter, there’s a doughnut shop for you. Keep reading for the Atlanta doughnut lowdown.

Revolution Doughnuts (Decatur and Inman Park)

The Decatur darling now has a second location in Inman Park giving you even more access to their delicious doughnuts. Besides the typical yeast and cake offerings, foodies with dietary sensitivities can find doughnuts that suit their needs. Many of their doughnuts are vegan, and they have plenty of gluten-free options, too. Donut leave without trying the peach slider – a doughnut sliced open and stuffed with fresh peaches.

Sublime Doughnuts (Westside and Druid Hills)

Photo credit: Talk of the House Blog

Sublime opened on the Westside in 2008 giving Georgia Tech kids the perfect distraction from all that studying. Both of its locations are open 24-7 making it the ideal midnight munchies destination. Besides doughnuts, you can find ice cream and creamy coffee beverages.

Bon Glaze (Brookhaven and Buckhead)

Photo credit: Bon Glaze Doughnuts

A newcomer on the Atlanta doughnut scene, Bon Glaze opened to much fanfare with the arrival of their adventurously flavored doughnuts. These aren’t your run of the mill doughnuts. Here you’ll find doughnuts creatively topped with homemade glazes like Fanta and raspberry, or other zany flavors like s’mores and salted caramel balsamic. You’re already splurging so you may as well order a round of candied and chocolate covered bacon and wash it all down with locally roasted Cool Beans coffee.

Tip Top (Marietta)

Photo credit: Lia Picard

What do you do when a Dunkin’ Donuts opens next door? Excel at what you do so much that the Dunkin’ Donuts quickly closes up shop and moves out. That’s exactly what happened at this Marietta doughnut gem and for good reason. Come here for light and airy yeast doughnuts, but don’t pass on the sour cream chocolate cake doughnut, either. You’ll also feel extra special when they throw a few doughnut holes in your to-go box, too.

Doughnut Dollies (Marietta)

Photo credit: Doughnut Dollies

Some things are worth a drive, and Doughnut Dollies is one of those things. Next time you feel like going on a doughnut adventure hop in your car and head to Marietta for Doughnut Dollies. The basement of longtime Marietta favorite Canvas Café got dusted off and put to good use when it was converted into a doughnut shop. Owner Anna Gatti, a trained pastry chef, puts artistic flair into her doughnuts turning out little works of art that also taste amazing. Look for seasonal surprises around major holidays, but the Sweet Jane is offered year round and became an almost instant classic upon opening.

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Last Updated: June 27,2019

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