It’s Vegas, Steak’s Got You Covered…..A Must Read….

AE_OTR_Vegas_Flipper2   Ultimate Guys’s Guide to Vegas


This weekend, Atlanta Eats is taking the show on the road and heading to Vegas! I sat down with the man, the legend, the honorary mayor of Las Vegas,  Steak Shapiro to give you the ULTIMATE guy’s guide to Sin City.


Krista: What is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a restaurant in Vegas?

Steak: Don’t make yourself crazy! If you’re staying at a really nice hotel on the Strip, it probably has a bunch of 5 star spots. I stay at the Venetian and I never leave because they have great restaurants (Cut, Bouchon, Carnevino) and I don’t want to deal with booking a car service or waiting in monster cab lines. Vegas has more great food in one tiny area than any place in the world!



K: How can I put together the perfect group for a trip to Vegas?

S: First you need a ringleader who is comfortable and embraces the responsibility of not only making plans but trying to keep people on a program.

You need the party animal; always available for one more drink by the pool, in the club, at the tables or heck, over breakfast. You don’t want to be that person, but you always want to know they are there

You want the Mr/Mrs ‘life is freaking great!’ to provide a positive energy at all times.

And you want Mr/Mrs deep pockets. Need I say more? Vegas can be costly…




K:What are you insider’s tips to Vegas?

S:The best place to gamble and win is always the less crowded hotels. For a great chance to win money and experience, truly ‘old school Vegas’ you need to be downtown. The energy downtown is really coming back. And you can’t go wrong at the Golden Nugget or at Binion’s Casino. Or really, Fremont Street in general.



K: What would be you last meal in Vegas?

The classic Rat Pack, old school steakhouse is Michael’s at South Point. Huge velvet chairs, a 50 seat dining room, lobsters and steaks that could sink a battle ship.




K: Ultimate Date Night/Boy’s Night in Vegas is?

Date Night: Cut at the Venetian is Wolfgang Puck’s #1 restaurant by a mile. Romantic, classy, the finest service. If you don’t get lucky after dinner here, she’s either really drunk or your marriage is in trouble.

Boys Night: Carnivino at the Pallazo is a Mario Batalli crown jewel of awesome steaks and delicious italian. Belly up to the stretch bar with TVs before dinner and get the martinis flowing. After heading into the dining room, order 4 pastas for the table to start. Move your way to two massive porterhouses and multiple sides and hammer out a few classic desserts. Tip your waiter $50 cash before you even start and let him know that we should never see an empty glass at the table for the next three hours.


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  1. Mark D:I know that posting a complaint on a blog is usually a mistake but I am a huge fan of the show and felt it necessary. I love Atlanta Eats because I can actually drive and eat at the excellent local restaurants you feature. Atlanta is a hotbed for great food and has hundreds of restaurants that need to be featured. So imagine my disappointment when I tuned in this weekend to see yet another food feature on Vegas which is the most over televised food city in the world. Please keep it local guys. Lots of great places here in town need to be featured . We don't need another traveling food show. Love your show and hope to see it stay local.