Westeros or ATL? Matching ATL neighborhoods to Kingdoms of the Realm from Game of Thrones

Atlanta and Westeros image
Atlanta has a lot in common with Westeros. Highgarden provides food for the rest of the realm, much like Georgia’s agricultural industry. The Free Folk of the North could be Wildlings or they could be the folks in Johns Creek who didn’t want to be a part of the 7 Kingdoms and created their own instead. The Stormlands say it all in the name – feels like Atlanta could call itself Stormlands from April to October.

With all of this in mind, we’ve identified 5 Game of Thrones kingdoms that match with 5 ATL neighborhoods, along with some food options so great, Hot Pie would approve.


Highgarden/The Reach – Decatur
The citizens of Highgarden are some of the best fed in Westeros, just like folks who live in Decatur. Highgarden’s wealth comes from its powerful agricultural industry, and they can produce tons of different agricultural goods – the kind you’d find at Dekalb Farmers Market.

King’s Landing – Midtown/Downtown
While Midtown doesn’t smell as bad as King’s Landing, it probably has as many people (including flashers). But as the capital of Westeros, King’s Landing hosted travelers, imported goods and celebrated cultures from the entire realm. For a real Top of the Red Keep feel, head to Nikolai’s Roof.


Casterly Rock – Buckhead
For a long time, Casterly Rock has been considered the center of Westeros’ wealth. Built by the cleverness of the Lannister lineage, they’ve influenced events throughout Westeros over the years. Would it be surprising to anyone to see Tywin or Cersei Lannister ordering a drink at Chops?

Winterfell – Alpharetta
The folks at Winterfell know how to handle the cold weather. When Winter comes, they get their castle ready to assist all of the Lords fo the Realm. Just like the folks at downtown Alpharetta, who do a great job every year around the holidays, getting their town square looking as ready as possible, and helping out local restaurants like Smokejack, Citizen Soul and Coalition Food and Beverage.


North of the Wall – Johns Creek
A few years ago, the folks in Johns Creek decided to create their own City with their own motto – Be The Exception. Similarly, the Wildlings have decided to be the exception in the realm of Westeros – by not bending their knees to the king. They also are very adventurous with their drinking habits – just like the folks at 7 Tequilas. We don’t believe they serve Giants’ milk though.

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