What Wings Will We Want? Springer Mountain Farms Southern Wing Showdown Preview

The Springer Mountain Farms Southern Wing Showdown is coming up on Sunday, August 25th and will be serving up 30 unique wing flavors, craft beer, Southern spirits and local music.  Food, beer, wine, cocktail samples and wings are all included in the ticket price.  We’ll be there to try them ALL out – check out our preview below and buy your tickets here.

Chicken wings from New Realm Brewery

New Realm Brewing

With iconic views of the City and a craft brewery right off the belt line, New Realm doesn’t need to offer great food options.  But they do.  We’ve tried their excellent wings at the restaurant and with tastes of beer, wine and cocktails included in the ticket, we’re hoping for a great pairing!


Homestyle Indian and Indian Fusion come together in this Indian tapas restaurant we’ve featured on Atlanta Eats.  They’re sure to have a flavorful, spicy wing as part of the showdown – just like all of their delicious entrees.

the grilled kangaroo at Canoe restaurant

We know Canoe can make a delicious Kangaroo. But how is their chicken wing?


The idyllic riverfront canoe is famous for their kangaroo – so we’re really interested to see what they’ll do with a more common protein.  After trying original dishes like the kangaroo and Popcorn Ice-Cream Sundae, we’re excited to see what Chef Matthew Basford has in store.

Chicken + Beer

Our favorite place to stop when we’re walking through concourse D.  We’ve tried the 2 piece southern fried chicken and it’s juicy, crispy and perfect.  We expect nothing less from their wings!

Could Chef Harrell make a good chicken parm wing? We’re betting on it. Photo by Cibo e Beve

Cibo E Beve

Chef Linda Harrel is a friend of the show.  We’ve been to her excellent restaurant, Cibo E Beve, multiple times and we’re confident she’ll bring the flavor to this showdown.

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