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Where You Should Eat in Atlanta According To Your Zodiac Sign

We predict good eats in your near future, no matter your sign. Keep reading for our restaurant recommendations that we think will make your Taurus or Cancer self happy!


1. ARIES – AltaToro

Aries are known for being energetic, adventurous, independent, and competitive. What better place for them to fuel their sense of competition and adventure than a meal at glamorous AltaToro? Sample from tons of tasty tapas and see and be seen at this new showy spot where there are fire dancers to fuel Aries’ fiery nature!

2. TAURUS – The White Bull

What better place for bull-headed Taurus to go to than The White Bull in Decatur? This farm-to-table restaurant uses the freshest local ingredients for all their dishes! Try their family-style polenta which will have you coming back for polent-y more!  

3. GEMINI – Takorea

Fuel your dual nature with Takorea, serving up Korean and Mexican fusion food. We especially love their Korean Fried Chicken and Sesame Fries! 

4. PISCES – The Optimist

Swim on over to The Optimist to try their selection of seafood. You can even grab a seat at the Oyster Bar! 


5. AQUARIUS – Lucian Books & Wine

The mystical air-sign Aquarius is a free-thinker known for their intellectual and analytical nature. A great place for sophisticated Aries is Lucian Books & Wine to discuss the deeper things in life over a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

6. CANCER – Jeni’s Ice Cream

It’s a fact that sensitive Cancers have a sweet tooth. Eat your feelings by indulging at Jeni’s Ice Cream Atlanta! We’d recommend their brown butter scoop for the ultimate treat. 

7. LEO – Alcohall

Leos love to show off, so why not head to Alcohall, the newest food hall in Pullman Yards? Have a few drinks then show off your skills on the mechanical bull in the middle of this place!

8. VIRGO – Little Bear

Virgos are known for their practical and perfectionistic nature. They’ll truly love the attention to detail put into every dish at Little Bear as well as its offbeat and unpretentious approach to food.


9. LIBRA – Gypsy Kitchen

Sharing is caring! Romantic libras love to share with others! Tapas are perfect for you to get your flirt on. Enjoy shareable Spanish snacks and plates with Moroccan and Indian hints at Gypsy Kitchen in Buckhead! We especially love “Gypsy Sundays,” when they play live music! 

10. SCORPIO – Lloyd’s   

Scorpios will feel right at home at Lloyd’s, the bar where nobody knows your name. It’s a great bar to share a drink with friends or have a drink alone if you’ve alienated them all because of your Scorpio ways. Sorry, not sorry. 


11. SAGITTARIUS – S.O.S. Tiki Bar

The adventurous fire-sign Sagittarius loves to explore Atlanta neighborhoods and would undoubtedly love the fiery tiki drinks at S.O.S. Tiki Bar in Decatur! 

12. CAPRICORN – Ammazza

Family is important to a Capricorn. Bond with your family at Ammazza in Edgewood and be your kids’ hero when you order them their pizza with EDIBLE GLITTER!

Editor’s Note: This article was first published June 19, 2019 and last updated August 7, 2023.

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