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Whole-30 Friendly Restaurants in Atlanta

Written by Jessica Pierson

Eating out in ATL while also trying to be healthy is a minefield of fried chicken, BBQ, and biscuits. And eating out while trying to adhere to a Whole 30 diet will too often leave you choosing between grilled chicken and veggies and grilled chicken and veggies. If you decide to take on the restaurant scene in Atlanta, here are a few restaurants that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Upbeet Labne Long Time
Upbeet Labne Long Time

1. Upbeet

Head over to Upbeet to create your own healthy bowl filled with whatever you need! First choose a base of spinach, romaine, arugula, or kale. Then, pile on the veggies, seriously ALL the veggies. Add some protein like grilled chicken or flat iron steak, then add in some extra goodies like avocado, an egg, raisins, or cranberries. Use oil and vinegar as your dressing and there you go! So many options to choose from to make it just how you like it!

2. Farm Burger

Farm Burger is another place that allows you to make your own. Choose a beef burger and get lettuce as you bun. Next, stack on some tomato, arugula, or red onion. Add on a fried egg (fried in oil, not butter) and an avocado, and you have yourself a meal!

Quinoa Bowl from Kale Me Crazy
Quinoa Bowl from Kale Me Crazy

3. Kale Me Crazy

Kale Me Crazy has plenty of Whole 30 options. Get the smoked salmon salad minus the croutons, and use olive oil and vinegar as your dressing. For another salad, get the greek salad minus the feta cheese and use olive oil and vinegar as your dressing. The turkey wrap is another yummy option, just make sure you get it without the tortilla!

4. Bones Restaurant

Bones Restaurant has a filet mignon with grilled asparagus and a baked potato. The loin lamb chops with sauteed broccoli and garlic would be tasty as well. Or, try the red snapper without the sauce or beans, and add grilled asparagus. For all of these meals make sure to specify to be cooked in oil instead of butter, and no seasonings on the meat.

5. Seasons 52

Seasons 52 is another good option. Try the mahi tuna crunch salad with oil and vinegar for the dressing for a lighter meal. For seafood, try the rainbow trout without the sauce. Get the roasted half chicken and sub the mashed potatoes for marble potatoes. Ask more no butter or seasoning.

Venkman's Interior
Venkman’s Interior

6. Venkman’s

Venkman’s has a great hanger steak, just ask for no chimichurri. The smoked chicken would be great with potatoes and collards as the sides. You could also have the pulled chicken sandwich with no bun, no garlic aioli, no cheese, and ask for a lettuce bun! Remember to ask for no butter on the sides.

7. Gather Cafe in Grant Park Market

Head over to Gather Cafe for some tasty Whole30 meals. Get the grilled salmon plate with no bread. Or the romesco chicken with grilled vegetables and fruit medley as the sides. For both of these make sure to ask for the veggies and meat to be cooked in oil and not butter. For a burger try the GPM Good Burger, with no seasoning on the burger, no bun, no cheese, no caramelized onions, and sub the fries for fruit medley.

Whole30 and eating out do not go hand to hand, but these meals can make it easier for you to enjoy your dining experience! Always remember to ask for your meat and vegetables to come unseasoned and cooked with oil instead of butter. While it may seem like you have to take everything off of the meal to eat it, just remember, you can always add salt or an avocado to make it more enjoyable!

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