Adele’s Authentic Cajun Experience

Have a craving for some good old Cajun cooking, but don’t have the money for a trip out to the bayou? You are in luck because Georgia is blessed to have one of the most authentic New Orleans inspired restaurants you will find outside the state of Louisiana. Adele’s Authentic Cajun Experience brings you down home southern cooking with Cajun ingredients and seasoning, all shipped in fresh daily from New Orleans and the surrounding area.

You can’t talk about New Orleans cuisine without mentioning the Po-boy, and boy does Adele’s do them right! Customer after customer all share the same sentiment no matter which variation of the sandwich they get you are bound to hear it’s the best Po-boy in the state. From the oyster, or shrimp Po-boy to the hot sausage Po-boy it doesn’t matter they are all finger licking good. If Po-boys aren’t your style they have many other glorious Cajun options. The signature seafood gumbo and the Rajun Cajun jambalaya are also must orders and crowd favorites among the loyal customer base Adele’s has built over the past few years.

If you are as the Cajuns say “Laissez les bon temps rouler” which means ready to the let the good times roll Adele’s also offers a very diverse and extensive wine selection which pairs perfectly with some of their seafood specialties such as the soft shell crab or the oysters. While letting the good times roll take a peek inside Adele’s open kitchen and catch a glimpse of the masters effortlessly preparing the Cajun inspired dishes.

While in the Roswell area be sure to check out some of the great attractions such as WhirlyBall Atlanta located just a few miles down Holcomb Bridge Road. What is WhirlyBall you might ask? I won’t spoil the surprise too much but it’s the worlds only totally mechanized team sport and it is gaining popularity with a quickness! If you are looking for more of a couples setting perhaps get in a quick game of bowling before or after your Cajun experience at Brunswick Zone situated just a few blocks away from Adele’s.