Dish Worth the Drive

Cafe Sababa – Mediterranean Grill

What happens when you combine a tradition of fresh, authentic Mediterranean fare with a love for your newfound community? If you’re Doni Tomli, you get Dounwoody’s Cafe Sababa.


Found in a non descript shopping center, this hidden gem has been delighting the community since it opened. In Hebrew, Sababa is slang for ‘fun’, and ‘awesome’. In traditional poetry it translates to  ‘Ardent love’. Cafe Sababa brings those two meanings together in their delightful food. With ‘ardent love’, they have fun with traditional and contemporary dishes of grilled chicken, lamp and beef.


Now, great burgers are a dime a dozen in this town. But you absolutely cannot miss the Lamb Burger at Cafe Sababa. With house ground lamb and a tangy bite of tzatziki sauce resting on a high quality bun, it’s a surprise and a delight. There are, of course the more traditional shawarma and hummus. But that burger…don’t overlook it.

Cafe Sababa also offers catering. and with a holiday calendar already filling up, it’s a fantastic little place to call up when you really want to impress, but just don’t have time for the heavy lifting. And can you imagine the sparkle i your eye when you guests exclaim how amazing their lamb burger is and you turn to them with a smile and a casually uttered, ‘sababa!’?