Dish Worth the Drive

Carri-Fresh Jamaican

As Atlanta emerges from the insanity that was the 2013-14 Winter, we’re craving some sunshine and good times. Nothing captures that feeing better than the food of Jamaica. With fresh empanadas, jerk chicken and an ice cold Red Stripe, it’s impossible to not hear steel drums and feel the beach beneath your feet when chowing down on this island’s cuisine.

And Carri-Fresh Jamaican transports you there instantly. Union City is the farthest thing from the beach, but when you sit down to a plate of jerk chicken, you’ll feel instantly happy. And for you herbavores out there, they have you covered. Their collard greens are described as tasting just like butter, with the perfect texture and taste.

So, if you’re in Union City and you get the itch to escape, be sure to drop in to Carri-Fresh, order a Red Stripe and let them transport you.