The Diner at Sugar Hill

On highway 20, not too far from the Mall of Georgia you’ll find the Diner at Sugar Hill.

One diner is pretty much the same as any other, right? I mean, what can you really do with bacon, eggs, waffles, and hash browns?

Well, you’d be wrong. Waffle House is the image most of us have when we think about diners, but The Diner at Sugar Hill isn’t a Waffle House. You can forget the red-vinyl-and-chrome booths and the pink gingham-clad waitresses, because you’ll find none of that here. Instead, what you get is glossy hardwood floors, white table cloths and an unexpected menu. Of course, if you hit the breakfast menu you can order all the usual breakfast and brunch goodies, but then there’s the lunch and dinner menus…bruschetta, lump crab mushrooms, and quesadillas. Then it gets fancy: 10oz oak fire grilled rib-eye, grilled chicken and fettuccine in asiago cream sauce, and chicken pesto panini. Those are most certainly not on the menu at Waffle House, not even if you flip it over.

When you’re done with breakfast (or brunch, lunch, or dinner), there’s a whole lot of shopping to be done at the Mall of Georgia. If that’s not your scene, there’s usually something going on at the Lake Lanier Islands Resort a few miles away.