Dish Worth the Drive

Flavors of Thailand

Thai food is easy to make, right You just get a bunch of spices and add hot peppers until the pan bursts into flames. Right?


Flavors of Thailand in Jonesboro proves that heat and flavor don’t have to be a choice of one or the other. From coconut soup to stir fry, if you want a little extra kick there are condiments on the table to fan the flames with, and a couple of “Thai hot” items that will scorch the walls while they’re making their way to your table.

With some of the friendliest service to be found in Clayton County, Flavors of Thailand is a great place to stop into on your way to The Road to Tara inside the Jonesboro Depot Welcome Center. There’s always the movie Gone With The Wind playing on a loop, this is the largest permanent exhibit to Margaret Mitchell’s most famous work. Costumes and other movie memorabilia are on display — it’s like stepping in to the movie.