Dish Worth the Drive

Honey Pig BBQ

Pig out on great authentic Korean BBQ to Duluth.

Authentic Korean BBQ clashes with modern westernized style at this Duluth hot spot. Don’t let the high ceilings and industrial atmosphere fool you, Honey Pig offers some of the best authentic Korean BBQ in the state, and it does so in style. Belly on over to experience some of the best pork around!

If you’ve never been inside a Korean BBQ restaurant, but have a curious feeling that getting a ton of meat grilled right in front of you sounds like a blast; no excuse is good enough to stop you from getting inside Honey Pig. There are numerous phenomenal pork belly options, but if you are a first timer you simply must try the specialty of the house and its namesake.

When you first arrive and sit down at Honey Pig be prepared for an experience. It starts with a carafe of water, chilled kimchi soup, a platter of wasabi-spiced paper-thin daikon, and personal dishes of bean paste, garlic slices and chili paste. After that, your server brings out a platter of kimchi, chili-laced salad, bean sprouts and slices of rice cake. Instead of eating the kimchi and bean sprouts cold, the contents are thrown onto the hot grill where the heat intensifies the exotic flavors. I don’t want to say too much about what else you can expect, so you’ll have to venture on over to Duluth to immerse yourself in one truly original discovery that is easily worth the drive.

While you’re in the Duluth area, after bellying up to this sensational eatery there are plenty of great things to check out. Head to Gwinnett Place Mall and Discover Mills for some great shopping, and if shopping isn’t your cup of tea be sure to check out Pirate’s Cove Adventure golf, home to a swashbuckling 27 hole miniature golf course!