Dish Worth the Drive

Jim ‘N Nick’s BBQ

Barbecue and the South go together like, well barbecue and the South!

And if you travel through the South, there is a good chance you’ll run into a Jim ‘N Nicks. Springing up in Birmingham in 1985 in an old dry cleaners, there are now 30 locations spanning 7 states.

To find that kind of success in the world capital of all things ‘cue, you know they have to be good! The secret? ‘ Preserve and perfect the old ways, while always trying to blaze new trails.’. So, you’ll find pork cooked ‘low and slow’  in the traditional manner along with Kitchen Sink Pork Nachos.

So stop in, grab a glass of sweet tea, and take in the smoky, meaty aroma. This..is BBQ done right, y’all!