Dish Worth the Drive

MJ Korean Tacos and Wings

MJ Korean Tacos and Wings. With a name that has this many syllables the food better be good. And it’s not good. It’s great.

From the eponymous Tacos and Wings, to the parmesan fries, dumplings, and real fruit smoothies, this menu has a little something for everyone, and all of it is packed with intense flavors. Those flavors include Korean chili chicken, sweet vinaigrette slaw, mango habanero or killer garlic wings…and the smoothies are available in all the usual berry and tropical fruit combinations of flavors.

While you’re in Duluth there’s a ton of stuff to pass the time: whether you’re taking a little personal time at the JeJu Sauna and Spa, a trip to the Red Clay Theater where Eddie Owen (of Eddie’s Attic fame) hosts an acoustic music night (exactly like Eddie’s Attic). If those things aren’t your style you can try the South Eastern Railway Museum, catch a movie at Studio Movie Grill, or take in a round or two of mini-golf at Pirate’s Cove Golf.