Dish Worth the Drive

Praise the Lard BBQ

In the South, we take BBQ very seriously. It’s almost like a religion. And praise the Lawd….Atlanta now has Praise the Lard!

Located in a strip mall on Buford Highway, this sanctuary of BBQ is conveniently located right next to a warehouse Church. And like any true Southern place of worship, the building may not be fancy, but it more than makes it up with the spirit. In this case, it’s the holiness of perfectly smoked meats.

When you walk up, you’ll order from the counter and grab a cut out of a wrestler (yup, like old school WWF-style) and head to your seat to wait in anticipation. You’ll have the option of any number of sauces, from tangy mustard to NC Style hot vinegar. Any of these are a winner. Just sit back and wait for the holy spirit to fill you.

One bite of perfectly charred brisket will bring you to your knees in worship. But don’t overlook the sides! Sure, they kill it with the normal dishes like collards and mac n cheese. There is one dish that is straight from Heaven though, carrot souffle! Carrot souffle? Yup, that’s right! A hybrid of a veggie and a dessert, as only Southerners can do, it is out of this world. So, next time you have a ‘cue craving, get thee to a place of worship by the name of Praise the Lard BBQ!