Stella Artois Perfect Pour

With such a rich history, Stella Artois’ Belgian origin brings a unique flavor to every bottle. Beginning in 1700s in Leuven, Belgium, Sebastian Artois, a certified Brew Master, purchase the Den Horn brewery, which became the birthplace of Stella Artois. Originally brewed for the holidays, Stella Artois is always made with the highest quality. 

As the tradition holds, Stella Artois is best served in their signature Chalice. For bold, crisp flavor, this 9-Step Pouring Ritual releases all the right aromas for the ideal sip. Each step is precisely designed to create the perfect pour. 

1. The Purification

2. The Sacrifice 

3. The Liquid Alchemy

4. The Head

5. The Removal 

6. The Beheading

7. The Judgement 

8. The Cleansing 

9. The Bestowal 

Pair a perfectly poured Stella Artois with your favorite food and you’re meal becomes anything but ordinary.