Which Atlanta Restaurant Has The Best Brussels Sprouts?

Eat Well. Save Money. Come Back Hungry.  Growing up as a child, there were only a few vegetable dishes that seems palatable as a ten year old.  Mom made the normal items like carrots, broccoli, and living in New Jersey we all looked forward to the Jersey sweet corn.   Every once in a while we had that awful casserole dish with the string being and crisply onion straws that got put on our plate and ending with a “Mom I am really full tonight!”    Admittedly, for much of my life I have never been a big Brussels sprout fan until a recently rash of Atlanta restaurants opened up my eyes.    Here are three places that are a ‘must order’ when it comes to Brussels sprouts.

  • LOCAL THREE KITCHEN & BAR– All I can do is give these Brussels sprouts a big old Al Pacino “Hoo-Ah” as this side dish absolutely kills it.  The key to this dish is that the Brussels sprouts are cooked in duck fat.  I suppose duck fat can make a lot of things taste good, but these sprouts are actually fried up and have a crisp to them when they are ready to taste.  With a little salt, pepper, and rosemary, you need to try these at some point soon.


  • THRIVE– Thrive cooks up these tasty vegetables in a slightly different way.  They use a blend of canola oil & extra virgin olive oil and put them in a flat iron skillet.  The Brussels sprouts at Thrive are cooked up and also browned (which seems to be a key for my taste buds) and have a hint of honey blended into them.    A little red pepper flake on top of these add a nice zip to the Brussels sprouts when you crunch into this dish.


  • FLIP– Although Flip is known for their sweet potato tots and other cool side dishes, let me tell you that their Brussels sprouts were out of this world.   I suppose if you add bacon to just about any dish, it can add really great flavor to the dish, but Flip also sautés the Brussels sprouts and then adds bacon.  The sprouts here are caramelized along with some diced ginger and onion.  These sprouts truly rock as a side dish with your burger.


We’ve all had those Nightmare On Elm Street moments as kids when Mom put vegetables on the tables, and now many of us have to introduce new ways to get our children to eat them in this fast food era.  Brussel sprouts when they are in season can be a really scrumptious side vegetable dish.  I am officially a believer.  What restaurant in the city do you think has the best brussell sprouts?

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