How a Food Truck Can Teach You to Budget


I hope everyone in Atlanta really likes food trucks because it appears to me that they are here to stay. Food trucks have now become a staple in our dining scene with large food truck parks, food trucks sitting outside of office buildings, and random food truck street vendors lined up around the city. In fact, in a recent visit to Washington, D.C., the George Washington University tour guides told me that the food trucks are often more busy than Whole Foods or the on campus dining options. Food truck dining has simply become another menu item on our choice list of where to eat. Best of all, Food Trucks can save us money by avoiding the expensive drinks, large tips, and other parts of a meal that can pad money on to our bill. Here are a few trucks I recommend you visit.

The Fry Guy– I had a unique opportunity to interview the Fry Guy owner Jobe Gruber. He is truly a successful businessman and this concept that opened up in 2010 serves only best Idaho potatoes on this planet. With Chef Andy Long at the helm, you can get French Fries with smoked salmon, capers, green onion and crème fraiche. Joe share with me that in the food truck business you need to “hustle” and the product has to be great as all of the food is make just in time. You might also want to try the seven pepper smoked brisket Chili. You can have a whole gourmet meal at Fry Guy for $8 to $10. www.fryguyatlanta.com

Tex’s Tacos– Affectionately dubbed the “Antonio Banderas” of food trucks, Tex’s Tacos is nothing short of suave – a fully equipped kitchen & restaurant on wheels. Serving-up a delicious array of “Nueva Texicana” eats with style and grace, they keep the good time rolling from Deep in the Heart of Tex’s! I recommend the Pulled Pork BBQ that has honey lime garden slaw with a killer BBQ sauce. But since this is a ‘fry’ article you have to try the Texicana French Fries. These are lime fries that are loaded up like nachos with guacamole, fresh queso, pico de gallo and much more. Another meal for $8 to $10 bucks. www.texstacos.com

WOW Food Truck–  You can generally find this truck at the Howell Mill Road location. Lots of good dishes, but I would suggest the Black and Tan Bowl if you have just one option. Brisket, Chicken, and cheese grits. However, what I really like are the oven roasted potatoes (only $3.50 for the side) and it comes with a delicious white truffle aioli for dipping. These fries are really tasty. www.wowfoodtruck.com


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