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Hi Atlanta Eats!

My name is Katy Kellner and I am both the manager and an instructor at Flywheel Atlanta. Fitness and nutrition are a huge part of my life. Fitness has always been my first love and a part of my every day life. Nutrition came in to play later on when I realized that, “good bodies are made in the kitchen!”

Nutrition is such an integral part of fitness. You will not see the results you want unless you have proper nutrition. My daily meals are very consistent. I eat every 3 hours; almost always consisting of the same thing for each meal. I know, I know, that sounds very boring, but I enjoy what I eat and I LOVE consistency.  I am gluten, sugar, dairy, and processed food free. Breakfast is scrambled egg whites and grape tomatoes, lunch and dinner are 4 oz of chicken breast and raw veggies. My snacks are fruit, raw cashews or almonds and turkey breast. Typically, we get most of our food from Whole Foods or Fresh Market. When it comes to meat and most fruits and veggies, we always try to buy organic.

Now, I know what you are thinking…this girl is SO boring! I promise that I do treat myself and have fun every once and a while! We go to Chops fairly often because I can order both healthy foods as well as “cheats.” I usually order the Dover Sole or the Sea Bass for my protein and steamed broccoli as my side. If I am making it a cheat meal, I will order the truffle parmesan fries as my side. I have a sweet tooth that I try to satisfy with fruit during the week, but do have dark chocolate on the weekends or the occasional ice cream treat.

Both Flywheel and FlyBarre are a part of my exercise routine. I teach 4 Flywheel classes and I take at least 3 FlyBarre classes per week. The combination of Flywheel and FlyBarre has given me great results. I also enjoy the contrast of the two exercises.  I highly recommend trying both if you have not done so already!

Feel free to reach out to me with any health related questions! Katy@flywheelsports.com


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