A Food Lover’s Workout with FlyBarre Trainer Cara Weaver


 Cara Weaver

We at Atlanta Eats LOVE to eat. That means, in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we have to sweat it out in the gym. And one of our favorite places to go when we really need to make up an indulgent meal, is FlyWheel Atlanta. We recently sat down with FlyBarre Instructor, Cara Weaver to find out what it takes to keep a healthy mind and body while still enjoying the foods we love.


Atlanta Eats: I can’t eliminate cheese out of my diet. Can you give me some tips to help me manage my diet better?  

Cara: You can’t or you won’t cut cheese out?  Cut bread & pasta out and replace it with fruits and vegetables! 

What is the best time of day to work out and why?  

Any time of the day that allows you to go as often as possible is the best time of all!  However, an intense interval cardio workout results what they call the “Afterburn Effect” where your metabolism is boosted and burning sugar for up to 12 hours following so it is ideal to do this type of workout earlier in the day.  

What is the one food I should avoid at ALL costs?

Glazed Donuts baby.

Why is FlyBarre a good compliment to Flywheel?  

FlyBarre works all of the muscles that are not used in a cycling class as well as strengthens the core.  I have found that I am stronger out of the seat on the bike because of the strength in my leg muscles I get in FlyBarre. 

I’ve always gone on the theory the more I am sweating the more weight I am losing. Is this true?  

Yes and no.  You do burn tons of calories sweating and getting out of breath in an interval workout (like Flywheel) so that is true.  The Afterburn effect of this workout is also amazing for calorie burn all day with your metabolism revved up eating up excess sugar and burning fat.  (if you don’t go for the glazed donuts right after class of course!).  However, muscle mass requires energy to exists and just having muscle mass increases your metabolic rate (how many calories your body burns) so slowing it down for a weight or resistance training workout without dripping in sweat is doing huge things for your overall calorie burn as well.  The perfect way to lose and then maintain a healthy weight is to get cardio, strength, and flexibility training in your routine. 

What is a realistic number of calories to consume in a day if I am doing a Flywheel workout?

(For men and women). This depends on how much muscle mass you have, how often you workout, how much you weigh and how tall you are.  Averages are typically around 2,000  for women and 2,400 for men that are moderately active.  How many you should consume depends on if you are trying to lose weight or not understanding the simple science behind calories in vs calories out.

How can I get over a phobia of group workouts? What makes Flywheel and FlyBarre different. 

 I love this question!  I used to hate group fitness because I thought it was too easy and required coordination (think Step & Sculpt with ankle weights).  I finally found some amazing classes in Atlanta that challenged me well beyond the step class and got me hooked on quality group fitness workouts.  What Flywheel has done so brilliantly is that we have created an environment where you are actually pushing yourself harder than you would on your own with the motivation of an instructor and the competitive nature that kicks in knowing you are surrounded while also being able to zone out and feel alone!  It’s something I have never been able to find anywhere else and it is addictive.  

You use such light weights in FlyBarre, can it really change my body? 

The combination of FlyBarre, Flywheel, and any other workout that you do is what will change your body.  I preach it every day, keep a balanced workout that includes 1. Strength 2. Cardio 3. Core & Flexibility.  You can get 1 and 3 in FlyBarre even with light weights.  If you have never been a fan of lifting, it is perfect for you.  If you enjoy lifting and desire more definition, it is the way to get it.  

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