Perfect Order

Perfect Order

With the variety of innovative dishes available at restaurants across Atlanta, sometimes we need a little help to find the best parts of a menu. Luckily, we have the inside scoop with the people who create the dishes, and what they think you should order in their restaurants.

No. 246 – Chef Drew Belline

Chef Drew thinks you should try No. 246’s house salad — olives, fresh tomatoes, peppericinis, and local arugula, all tied together with a delicious vinaigrette. After that you probably want to move onto the home made meatballs on meat the lovers pizza, or a mountain of pasta with the chicken scallopini — and you’re probably going to want to share it, and pass it around family style.


Serpas – Chef Scott Serpas

At his Old Fourth Ward restaurant, Chef Scott Serpas would have you order his tuna tartar which is accompanied by green apples, and if that’s not your thing, you should try smoked salmon and potato chips. For the carnivores out there he recommends the veal porterhouse, and pescetarians might want to try the scallops.


Bhojanic – Archner Becker

If you like Indian food, you absolutely must try Bhojanic — but what to eat when you’re there? Chef Archner suggests pani puri: crunchy savory bites filled with a kind of chickpea potato salad. But if you’re like the most people, you’ll want to try the chicken tikka masala with garlic naan bread.