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Atlanta Eats Staff Picks: National Bagel Day

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It’s National Bagel Day so Atlanta Eats has to weigh in. From BLT (aka bagel, lox and tomato) sandwiches to bagels smothered in tomato sauce, cheese and baked, Atlanta meets all our round pastry needs. But where can you get a bagel picture that is so outrageous your Instagram can’t even handle it? We tell you here…

Steak Shapiro– When you combine my intense love of chicken salad with the perfect vessel to carry it, a poppy seed bagel, it only leads to one place….Bagelicious.   No one has been doing it better or longer than Tommy Carola and family.

Photo by Yelp

Photo by Yelp

Scott Chalk– Everything bagel with scoops of egg salad, tuna salad and chicken salad I love Goldberg’s salad offerings so this is the perfect way to get a taste of each and make my own bagel sandwich. (Truth be told, I end up ordering another bagel they’re just so good)

Photo by Goldberg's Bagel & Deli

Photo by Goldberg’s Bagel & Deli

Kyle Korelishn– The Avenue A from The General Muir is the best in Atlanta by far…a healthy amount of nova & schmear over a freshly baked bagel with tasty toppings like chopped onions and avocados.

General Muir 600x400

Mara Davis– BB’s Bagel is where I always go when I’m in Cumming for soccer tournaments.  Their monster sized bagels and delicious spreads are the closest match to an NYC bagel spot.  Extra points for the New York attitude at the counter. You better know what you want – or else.

Photo by TripAdvisor

Photo by TripAdvisor

Jon TeplowBagel Palace in the Druid Hills area is a hidden gem! If I can get my hands on a pumpkin bagel, that’s my go-to order. Load it up with some honey walnut cream cheese, and you’ve got yourself a creative order worth Instagram-ing about!

Bagel Palace 600x400

Skye Estroff– Trek out to Brooklyn Water Bagels in Vinings for the best bagel in Atlanta! They actually use water from Brooklyn, NY to create signature bagels! I always order an everything bagel with plain cream cheese, lox, tomato, red onions and capers for the perfect bite.

Photo by Brooklyn Water Bagels

Photo by Brooklyn Water Bagels

Amy Koonin– Even though you can usually find my grandmother at her center table playing Mahj Jong, nothing can tear me away from the pizza bagel at Bagelicious in Marietta. One of my favorite ways to ingest carbs, the pizza bagel is often overlooked and under appreciated.

Photo by

Photo by

Jenn Hobby– I have an addiction to everything bagels. My fave in the ATL comes from Alon’s Bakery, a kosher spot in Virginia Highlands. The bagel density is just right. I like it lightly toasted for the perfect bite of savory crunch and soft center. Top it with some plain cream cheese? Pair it with a hot latte? Smack! My perfect start to the day.

Photo by Alon's Bakery

Photo by Alon’s Bakery

Anni Bacchus– When it comes to Bagels, savory is the way to go. And the Everything Bagel at Bagel Boys Cafe in Alpharetta, baked fresh from scratch every morning, hits the spot. They leave off the caraway rye seeds (thank goodness) and instead sprinkle a little bit of Parmesan cheese on it for an extra little kick. Toasted and served with Lox Cream cheese, which is so rich and flavorful, it’s my go-to for a quick Bagel fix. Yum!

Bagel Staff Picks Anni

Eldra Flowers– Not being from the northeast, one can consider me basic when it comes to bagels. My choice, however, is the cinnamon sugar bagel from Einstein’s Bagel with the honey almond schmear. It might not win any awards, but you’ll have a sugar kick for sure.

Photo by Yelp

Photo by Yelp

For more bagel ideas, check out some of our favorite Atlanta brunch restaurants here! Be sure to tune in to Atlanta Eats every Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on Peachtree TV!

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