Original Pancake House – Alpharetta

by Jorge Hernandez
The Peach Pancake from Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House has been serving up “pancakes as you like them!” since 1953. Everything is made from scratch and to order, using locally sourced ingredients to ensure that the freshest food ends up on your plate.

Local Three

by Jon Teplow

A down-to-earth spot with ambitious food, Local Three opened with splash. With a kitchen the size of two restaurants, they are able to make everything from scratch. This includes butchery

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Farmview Market

by Jorge Hernandez
Buttermilk Pancakes at Farmview Market

Nothing tastes better than local. So at Farmview Market in Madison, GA, you better believe everything is delicious!

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BB’s Bagels

by Jorge Hernandez
Bagels from BB's Bagels

Everyone knows the best bagels come from New York, but when you have a craving for that Everything with a shmear, where in metro Atlanta can you go? The Bronx, of course! Family-owned Bronx Bagels, or BB’s Bagels, is considered by many to be Atlanta’s best.

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Goldberg’s Deli

by Jorge Hernandez

There are some things that transcend Atlanta’s fabled brunch culture. Beyond the deviled eggs and the skillet scrambles, beyond the 45 minute waits to be seated when all you want is something to much on the go, is something much simpler: bagels.

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by Duncan Connor

The vibe at Barcelona is modern, it’s fast, it’s hip without being trendy, and it’s classic without making you feel like you’re in the dining car on the Orient Express.

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Bistro Niko

by Duncan Connor
Bistro Niko

With decor that’s reminiscent of the classic dining rooms of the 1920s, all that’s missing to make the place feel like burlesque Paris is a stage and Josephine Baker.

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Scream’n Nuts

by Jorge Hernandez
The Scream'n Nut donut and ice cream sandwich from Scream'n Nuts

After a long week of work, keeping your house in order and trying to maintain your sanity, you’ve earned a trip to Scream’n Nuts.

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Emerald City Bagels

by Jorge Hernandez
bacon, egg and cheese on a jalapeno cheese bagel

You know a place is good when there’s a line out the door, and since Emerald City Bagels opened, there’s been a line every morning patiently awaiting a delicious bagel or bagel sandwich.

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The Corner Grille

by Krista Miller

A little cafe in College Park that is changing the way people think of this sleepy town.

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by Jon Teplow

Five minutes from the Beltline, skip the bacon, eggs and biscuit brunch places and grab a LottaFrutta.

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The Pinewood

by Krista Miller

A true neighborhood gem in Decatur with craft cocktails and small plates.

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by Duncan Connor

Whether you’re brunching or lunching, dinner-ing or dessert-ing, Murphy’s does it all. And they do it all right.

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Revolution Doughnuts

by Duncan Connor

If Willie Wonka made doughnuts, these are the doughnuts he’d make.

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Thumbs Up Diner

by Hayden Hilbert
Banana and Pecan French Toast from Thumbs Up Diner

With a diverse and made-from-scratch menu serving breakfast until closing, Thumbs Up Diner is a neighborhood gem.

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No. 246

by Duncan Connor

At No. 246 almost everything else is sourced locally, from the Georgia white shrimp to the Sweetgrass Dairy goat cheese and north Georgia trout.

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The Porter Beer Bar

by Duncan Connor

800 beers (and not one of them is a Budweiser). Gourmet pub grub (like, actually really gourmet)

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Muss and Turner’s

by Duncan Connor

Epicurean enthusiasts Todd Mussman and Ryan Turner only wanted one thing: to build the restaurant they would want to eat at. Turns out what they had in mind was just what Smyrna was craving, too.

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Chicken and the Egg

by Duncan Connor

With locally sourced, farm-fresh ingredients and a menu inspired by grandma’s cooking, this “casually-sophisticated” country kitchen in Marietta will have you coming back for seconds…and thirds.

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Black Walnut Cafe

by Steffi Cook

Fast casual Black Walnut Cafe is making waves with its debut to to metro Atlanta.

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