4 Desserts You Must Eat in Atlanta This Fall

***Written by guest blogger Lindsay Greene @The_Hunger_Diaries***

I have great news. Bikini season has officially ended, and the holidays are about to begin. Soon, the leaves will start to turn, the air will become chilled and crisp, and our faces will be stuffed with cookies and pie. Which means now is the time to prepare, by eating as much fabulous fall dessert as we can get our hands on.

Atlanta restaurants’ fall menus have debuted and the desserts don’t disappoint. Here are some of the desserts you definitely have to try this fall in the A. You know, to break in those leggings and get your belly ready for what’s to come.

Banana Pudding Baked Alaska, Rathbun Steak (Inman Park)

Photo Credit: Lindsay Greene

Something about torched desserts makes me want to put on a Snuggie and cozy up next to a fire. The Banana Pudding Baked Alaska at Rathbun Steak is the perfect combination of comfort and innovation. Rathbun’s sends this dessert out looking truly impressive, with fire-kissed peaks of meringue covering it entirely, like a well-wrapped present. And just like a present, all you want to do is tear into it to reveal the goodies inside; the rich, creamy banana ice cream and slightly softened vanilla cookies. All that epic yumminess is surrounded by a drizzle of sinful Foster sauce.

Sticky Toffee Pudding, Cakes & Ale (Decatur)

Photo Credit: Lindsay Greene

Speaking of comforting… if there’s one dessert that will 10/10 warm my soul during the Fall, it’s sticky toffee pudding. And when I found out that Cakes & Ale is featuring it for the season, I hauled my booty over there to try it out. I love this dessert for a few reasons. The first is the perfect balance of lightness and richness in the cake itself. The consistency of the cake is spongy and light and stands up well to the perfectly sweet toffee sauce that’s soaked into it. The pièce de résistance? A dollop of crème fraiche on top, both adding a slightly cool element, and a tang that balances the sweetness out perfectly.

Tempura Fried Bacon with Maple Syrup and Nutella, Poke Burri (East Atlanta)

Photo Credit: Lindsay Greene

Not only are the folks behind Poke Burri putting out high quality, super fresh fish, but they also boast several whimsical off-the-menu items as well, including an entire secret brunch menu. And what would a secret brunch menu be without some of everyone’s favorite porky staple? This tempura fried bacon is so amazing because of the light, crispiness of the batter, in my opinion. The fried bacon I’ve eaten in the past has had a much thicker layer of batter, that often either never crisps up entirely or becomes soggy very quickly. That is not the case here. After 5 minutes of taking this dish outside for pictures, the batter was STILL super crispy. The bacon itself is very tender, and the high quality, REAL maple syrup adds just the right sweetness without breaking the integrity of the dish. And, oh yeah, you can get Nutella on the side for dipping. SO MUCH YES!

Appalachian Apple Butter Pie “Cloud 9” Style, Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop (Sandy Springs)

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop is an adorable little bake shop putting out fabulous full-sized and mini pies that change with the seasons. One such seasonal mini, and one of my favs, is their Appalachian Apple Butter Pie. What makes this pie better than traditional apple? For starters, the apple pieces are smaller, which I think makes it easier to eat. The filling is creamier because of, HELLO, the BUTTER, and they top the whole thing off with tangy, spiced cream cheese icing. But no, they don’t stop there. If you order your pie “Cloud 9” style, they also add a scoop of vanilla to the mix. And when I say mix, I mean they quite literally mix the ice cream into the pie, allowing you to get both pie and ice cream into every bite incredibly easily. It’s the most wonderful way to eat pie, ever. And for that, we thank you.

If you visit any of these amazing places, tag us in your pictures and let us know!

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