5 Places to Get a Bite When You’re Heartbroken and Hungover

We’re not still drunk. You’re still drunk.

But seriously, we are sad today after the Dawgs loss. That’s why we came up with our list of five places to get a bite when you’re feeling heartbroken, had a bad day at work, or a tough loss (that the refs seem at least partially responsible for). Scroll down and @ us on any of our social channels to suggest your favorite comfort food spot.

Table and Main’s fried Chicken

Nothing cures the soul like soul food. Table and Main in Roswell has a delicious, crispy fried chicken served with warm, delicious collard greens.

Joanie’s Spicy Pimento Cheese Burger

Is there a cold dark void in what was once your soul? Warm it up with Joanie’s Spicy Pimento Cheese Burger at Kirby G’s and maybe you’ll see that life is worth living once again.

The Diavola pie at Antico Pizza

Nero played the fiddle and a whole civilization was burned to the ground thousands of years ago. And what did they do when they needed something to cheer them up? Like any great culture, they turned to pizza. We’re turning to the Diavola pie at Antico Pizza.

Takorea’s Fried Elvis Sundae

Elvis was blue often – Blue Hawaii, Blue Christmas, Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Moon, and Blueberry Hill to name a few – so it only makes sense that if you’re feeling blue, you should trie the Fried Elvis at Takorea.

When bad stuff happens, we just want to feel like a little kid again. That’s why we love going to Matthew’s Cafeteria and getting the Banana Pudding. Something about Vanilla wafers makes us feel all better again.

Last Updated- July 17, 2019

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