5 Insane ATL Burgers You Must Devour

Everyone at Atlanta Eats lives to eat, but we really, really dig good burgers. In fact, our whole staff is more enthusiastic about burgers than just about any topic that has come across our recent email threads. We asked a group of Atlanta’s best taste testers (i.e. our gang of serious eaters) to dish about their all-time fave burger ITP or OTP. We are all professionals, so take our word for it…you won’t be disappointed with a single bite of these beauties!

Steak Shapiro

Host of The Front Row on 680 The Fan, Food Network personality, founder of Atlanta Eats, digs filet at Hal’s, Matty Ice, Reuben Sandwiches and the Red Zone Channel.

#1 Hamburger: Holeman & Finch – Cheeseburger

A double patty topped with b&b pickle, red onion and American cheese. Simple, melt-in-your-mouth and I need another one as soon as I’m finished with the first. Need I say more?

Burger Holeman 600x400

Cody Hicks

One of the founders of Atlanta Eats and self proclaimed “Chief Brisket Officer.” Cody loves to eat, and when it comes to food, there isn’t much he doesn’t enjoy (except olives). For Cody, being “at the table” is where real community and conversation happens and he feels that food, more than anything else, brings people together in today’s world.  

#1 Hamburger: Red Eyed Mule – Jakes Sloppy Slaw Burger

With a name like “Jakes Sloppy Slaw Burger,” does it really come as any surprise that it’s one of Atlanta’s best? Hidden away in a nondescript building in West Cobb, I promise you it’s not going to get the accolades and attention as some of the more high profile places in town (although Alton Brown did feature Red Eyed Mule on Best Ever on the Food Network).  It’s unhealthy…it’s messy…but it’s straight from the burger Gods!  Served on THICK Texas toast, with garlic spread, chili, slaw, and a quarter pound of Angus ground chuck, I promise you won’t find a better burger anywhere. If you are a resident of Cobb County (like I am), or anywhere OTP in NW metro area, do yourself a favor and get to Red Eyed Mule ASAP.

Photo by tvfoodmaps.com

Photo Credit: tvfoodmaps.com

Scott Chalk

The Executive Producer for Atlanta Eats prefers Jacque Pepin over Anthony Bourdain, croissants over biscuits and a whole lotta bourbon. When he’s not working he can be found teaching his son the finer points of baseball while simultaneously jammin’ to Bob Marley.

#1 Hamburger: Fred’s Meat and Bread – Bacon Cheeseburger

Chef Todd’s double patty blends of beef (brisket/chuck) make for that perfect amount of lean/fat ratio…just enough to be dripping down the sides of your arms. American Cheese, a perfect bun (crafted by Rob Alexander) and tightly wrapped in deli paper by far make it my desert island dish and the best burger in the ATL!

Burger Fred's 600x400

Kyle Korelishn

An incessantly hungry 29 year old who dines out roughly 6 nights a week, occasionally runs in Piedmont Park, and appreciates a well thought out meme. 

#1 Hamburger: Grindhouse Killer Burgers – Double Grindhouse Style Turkey Burger

My favorite burger comes with all the classic toppings over two turkey patties and Grindhouse sauce that ties it all together…it’s killer.

Burger Grindhouse 600x400

Jon Teplow

A marketing veteran that has eaten his way from New Orleans to Boston and back to Atlanta. Jon’s diverse pallet & increasing waistline are particularly fond of Asian cuisine & fried chicken.

#1 Hamburger: Illegal Food– The Hank

When I’m in Atlanta, I make sure to take at least one detour to Virginia Highlands and DEVOUR one of Illegal Food’s nationally-acclaimed burgers. The Hank is the ultimate cheeseburger…American cheese, crisp iceberg lettuce, sweet Vidalia onion, house-made fridge pickle and special sauce. Make it a double for the best burger to ever hit your plate.

Photo by Illegal Food.

Photo credit: Illegal Food

Want more hamburger inspiration? Check out more spots around Atlanta here. Be sure to catch Atlanta Eats on Peachtree TV every Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 10:30am!

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