Best Things We Ate Last Week


One could say it’s always a feeding frenzy at Atlanta Eats’ HQ, but to us, it’s just another hard day at work. We’re showcasing the best things we ate last week to give you some food inspiration for the week ahead. Check out AtlantaEatsTV on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for a constant stream of food porn if this post doesn’t quite cure your fix.

Sconewiches from Seven Sisters Scones (Johns Creek and surrounding farmer’s markets)

Fresh takes on a whole new meaning at Seven Sisters Scones. Known for their out of this world scones, Seven Sisters decided to breathe life into an iconic savory sammie scone. Brought together in one beautiful sandwich, the freshly baked scone surrounds thinly sliced meats and lettuce to make for an unforgettable first, second and third bite! So, next time you’re in the Johns Creek area, or even at a local farmer’s market, be sure to snag one.


Johnny Crab Cakes topped with Seasoned Crab from Gunshow (Atlanta)

If you ever find yourself with a craving for crab cakes and don’t know where to turn, look to Gunshow. They serve a dish of Johnny Cakes that will blow your mind! The succulent crab is seasoned and drizzled in lemon sauce, which is very pleasing to the palette. We can say that our Sunday brunch was unbelievably tasty after enjoying these!


Bibimbap from Breakers Express BBQ (Conyers)

The Bibimbap has taken its rightful place as a fan favorite at Seoul K BBQ Breakers Express. Whether you’re trying to prep for your New Year’s Resolutions or you’re on a healthy food bender, pick up an order of Bibimbap. Served atop fresh vegetables, the grilled beef and rice make for a hearty and filling dish. What’s the best part of this drool-worthy dish? We think it’s the perfectly fried egg on top!


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