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The Best Espresso Martinis Around Atlanta

You could totally argue that the sleek and sophisticated espresso martini is actually just the grown-up version of a Vodka + Red Bull. With its perfect blend of booze and caffeine, this classic cocktail has seen a resurgence in popularity and has become the go-to for those nights when you need an extra kick to keep the party alive. Discover the best ones in town below, listed alphabetically below by restaurant.

Burle's Bar - Espresso Martini
Burle’s Bar – Espresso Martini

1. Burle’s Bar’s Espresso Martini

505 N Angier Ave NE Suite 500, Atlanta, GA 30308

This elegant lounge on the Beltline, right above the Victorian Atlanta plant shop, is a relaxed green oasis that’s the perfect place to enjoy a great cocktail or a shot and beer with friends. Bar director Andrew Selvagn was somewhat bullied into making one at the bequest of customers repeatedly trying to order one despite it not being listed on the menu, but eventually, he acquiesced and sought to make the best damn espresso martini that there is! This one uses a delicious homemade cold brew in lieu of espresso. A coconut fat washed tequila makes this drink a little more creamy and delicious than other takes. Microplaned nutmeg over the top adds a fragrant touch.  

Photo: Courtesy of Chops Lobster Bar
Photo: Courtesy of Chops Lobster Bar

2. Chops Lobster Bar’s Espresso Martini

70 West Paces Ferry Rd Atlanta, GA 30305

Many great restaurants come and go in Atlanta, but Chops continues to delight the well-heeled Buckhead crowd with its steakhouse favorites and luxurious digs. An espresso flavored vodka, Kahlua, and a shot of brewed espresso makes for an extra pleasing and extra espresso-y take on an espresso martini.

Photo: Courtesy of JoJo’s Beloved

3. JoJo’s Beloved 9 to 5

 1197 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

The retro JoJo’s Beloved is without a doubt, one of the coolest cocktail bars in Atlanta. The 9 to 5 on JoJo’s Beloved’s new menu is actually a combo of the classic Black Russian and Espresso Martini cocktails. Coconut rum and blackstrap molasses add a tropical twist! 

Photo: Lazy Betty - Sleepless in Seattle
Photo: Lazy Betty – Sleepless in Seattle

4. Lazy Betty’s Sleepless in Seattle

1530 DeKalb Ave NE ste f, Atlanta, GA 30307

This Michelin starred restaurant in Atlanta has an excellent beverage program to match helmed by beverage director Conrad Helms. A coffee mix and mezcal unexpectedly forms the base of Lazy Betty’s espresso martini. “Espresso and coffee differ majorly in flavor through the fact that espresso is predominantly smoky or roasted, and coffee has a more cooked and mellow profile. To supplement that smoky, roasted element into the cocktail that would normally be vacant with the use of coffee concentrate instead of espresso, we rely on the inherently smoky profile of mezcal to shine through,” shares Helms. “We infuse raw vanilla into the mezcal to soften it and assist the marriage of flavors, and what we are left with is a muted smokiness in our build.” 

Photo: Courtesy of The James Room
Photo: Courtesy of The James Room

5. The James Room’s Espresso en Noir

661 Auburn Ave NE STE 280, Atlanta, GA 30312

The most popular cocktail right now at the Beltline‘s the James Room is the espresso martini. Served in a matte black coupe, when one person orders one, it tends to start a wave since it’s always eye-catching! A mix of Ketel One Vodka, amaro, and espresso make for a delicious and simple take. 

Photo: The Third Door's Espresso Martini
Photo: The Third Door’s Espresso Martini

6. The Third Door’s Espresso Martini

131 Church St, Marietta, GA 30060

The Third Door’s bar manager Jona Ruiz puts his spin on the espresso martini by incorporating sherry and chicory liqueur. Fee Brothers Foaming Bitters make for a frothy head, and a dash of lemon bitters add just a touch of acidity.


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7. Vesper’s Espresso Martini 

924 Garrett St suite D, Atlanta, GA 30316

The secret to Vesper’s espresso martini is great, hot espresso. Enjoy yourself a ‘tini or two at this Glenwood Park spot. Be sure to also try the Vesper while you’re there, their namesake drink! 

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