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What’s New At The Battery

If you’re like us, you’ve missed crowds. Especially on a summer afternoon at the Battery with your friends and a ballgame on deck. Luckily, things might be getting back to normal this summer just in time for the Braves to keep the Battery buzzing. We’re highlighting a few fun places below that opened this year and in 2020 (for those who haven’t ventured to Cobb during the pandemic). Make some plans to meet up with your friends this summer and head to one of these spots.
Jeni’s, the Ohio based, quickly ubiquitous ice cream shop (stores have been popping up everywhere in Atlanta over the past few years!) has opened its doors in the Battery. It’s popular for a reason though – their ice cream is SUPER creamy and smooth, and they have adventurous flavors like Brambleberry Crisp, Brandied Banana Brûlée, and Sweet Cream Biscuits & Peach Jam.

Poke Burri - Sushi Burritos | Photo: Facebook/pheastatl
Poke Burri – Sushi Burritos | Photo: Facebook/pheastatl

This Asian food hall opened in 2020 and while a lot of folks may have missed their chance last season, they’re back and ready for 2021. It’s essentially a collection of Atlanta’s most heralded Buford Highway Asian restaurants in one food hall. Whether you’re looking for Fan T’asia’s cantonese, Bubble Tea from Kung Fu Tea, a bowl from Lifting Noodles Ramen, inventive poke bowls and sushi from Poke Burri, or skewers from 26 Thai Kitchen, it’s all in one place. Plus, they have a full bar with Taps at Ph’east – so you can spend a little while pre-game there if you want to try a little something from everyone.
miso salmon bites from Silverspot Cinemas.
Silverspot Cinema
Another thing we really miss is going to the movies, but at the Battery, you can catch a flick before watching a catch. Silverspot Cinema, a movie theatre chain with a restaurant style menu and large cocktail offerings, is opening very soon. Some of the great looking dishes they offer in other locations include miso-glazed salmon bites, great flatbreads and a mouthwatering 5 layer cake – so we’re excited to see what the menu looks like in Atlanta when it opens.
American Spirit Works - Whiskey
ASW Distillery
Atlanta’s best distillery is fiddling around with a new location at The Battery. Famous for their mouthwatering whiskeys, they’re getting into the vodka and gin game. The location will also have a tasting room and a production facility, along with a patio walkup, so if there’s a crowd and you’re just looking for a quick taste, you’ll have options.
Revelers drinking and enjoying the show at Park Bench at the Battery.
Park Bench
The Battery isn’t just your pre-game place – there’s plenty for post-game, too. Park Bench has live music nearly every night of the week. Whether it’s a national act dropping in to Atlanta or live, dueling piano shows, or DJ’s playing songs you love, there’s something fun happening at Park Bench. And if you’re still hungry after having a little too much fun that day, make sure you grab a slice of Antico from their pizza window before calling your Uber and heading home.

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