Oreos and Cereal – ATL Desserts That Make Us Feel Like a Kid Again


What is it about some sweet things that make us think of childhood as soon as we take a bite? When it comes to Oreos and Cereal (the sugary kind, not that Kashi Krap), every bite takes you back to adolescence. That’s why we love it when some of Atlanta’s best restaurants incorporate these sugary treats in their dessert menus. Scroll down and celebrate National Oreo Day (3/6) and National Cereal Day (3/7) with these delicious dishes.

One look of their Instagram feed and you know – Cheesecaked doesn’t do anything simple. Try their loaded milkshake with marshmallows, Twinkies and that Flintstone favorite, Fruity Pebbles.

Our friends at Scream’n Nuts are avant garde when it comes to donut decorations, but one you can always expect to find there is their cereal donut using, what else, Froot Loops.

The main difference between regular ice cream and frozen custard is that frozen custard uses pasteurized egg yolk to give it a creamy texture. So when it comes to cookies and cream, there’s really no better option than a frozen custard with Oreos. You can get one from Village Burger with Oreos – or whatever else you want on it.

Mon Cher, did you know Oreos pair well with a Mardi Gras meal? At Louisiana Bistreaux, you can get all of the Mardi Gras fixins you want, but save room for dessert. Their Oreo cheesecake is worth every additional spot in your stomach.

Every time we head to Piece of Cake we walk out with a pillowy, perfect cake that we can’t get enough of. Next time you’re there, grab a cookies and cream for that delicious Oreos and ice cream flavor all in one pastry. Comes with actual oreos inside.

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