Pizza Expert Pete Zapardi Talks Favorite Atlanta Pies for National Pizza Day

Pizza expert Pete Zapardi. Any resemblance to Steak Shapiro is purely coincidental.

Grandma Style, Tavern pies, Neapolitan, Detroit style and more – Atlanta has a surprisingly diverse array of pizza options all over the metro area. To celebrate Atlanta’s pizza scene and National Pizza Day on February 9th, we talked to our wise pizza expert Pete Zapardi, who knows a good pie when he sees one.

nina+rafi grandma pizza
Nina + Rafi
My nonna Rosa would always make sure that with every square pie she made, she added a little extra cheese on the sides to really crisp up those edges. They call these Detroit style pies now?! But you know they don’t make gabagul in Motown like they do in the Garden State. Either way – if you’re looking for a pie the way my nonna made it, get it off the Beltline at Nina + Rafi.

The buffalo pizza from Vintage Pizzeria
Vintage Pizzeria
Vintage pies? Now we’re talkin’. This New Jersey slice inspired shop makes me feel like I’m at home. All they need is a vig looking to break my legs and a politician looking for kick backs, and I’d never leave.

white chicken pizza from firepit pizza tavern
Firepit Pizza Tavern
At Firepit, they know where all the bodies are buried. Cause they’re literally across the street from Oakland Cemetery – hey yo! But seriously, the owner Leslie Cohen is a mensch who makes a great pie and knows how to make me and the boys feel like kings on game night.

Gino’s East
In New Jersey, this isn’t even considered a pizza, but my cousin Tony who works at the shipyards in Chicago loves this schifezza. I’ll dig in every now and then, especially at Gino’s East which just opened up in Poncey Highland, right by where I play craps.

The Pepe clam pizza at Sorriso Apizza
Sorriso Apizza
Hey, it may not be the Pine Barrens, but I still like heading out away from the City for a breath of fresh air – and to find that Russian who got away. Seriously though, Sorrisso Apizza makes delicious Connecticut and Neapolitan style pies – they even make a clam pizza just like Frank Pepe’s up in New Haven. That’s amore!!!

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