The Student Section – Four Great Places to Eat Around GA College Campuses

Unfortunately, GA State was the only GA based team to make it to the NCAA Tournament this year and they unfortunately made their exit in the first round (We’ll miss you Ron Hunter – good luck at Tulane!). With March Madness on the brain and campus craziness on the way with finals, we’ve looked at a solid Final Four of restaurants near metro Atlanta area colleges.

The Canteen – GA Tech
Is it something about the perfectly structured sandwiches or flawlessly spherical falafels that draws the engineers to Fred’s Meat and Bread and Yalla? Now with TGM Soup, they’ll be able to work on their liquid dynamics, too!
cheesecake brunch apothecary
Brunch Apothecary – UGA
There’s something about the drive between Athens and Atlanta that, while short, feels like it could use a stop in between. In fact, if those Grady College want a scoop, we’re pretty sure we uncovered the best place to stop between the two cities – Dacula’s best kept secret, The Brunch Apothecary. We stumbled onto it on our way to Athens it may be one of the best meals we’ve had in the metro!

Double Zero – Emory
All surgeons need dexterous hands, but if the medical school thing doesn’t work out, they should head nearby to Double Zero and get inspired by watching them make their freshly made mezzaluna pasta. Less body parts and more pasta is probably a better career choice, no?
Dirty Bird from STATS
STATS – GA State
Until stuff actually starts opening up in Summerhill, GA State’s main hang out area is downtown Atlanta. That’s why STATS is the perfect post up for Panthers (of age, of course). STATS and it’s sister restaurants Max’s, Der Biergarten and Twin Smokers, also have an incredibly large footprint in downtown Atlanta with those four restaurants taking up an entire City block. Similar to GA State’s 52,000 students, the largest enrollment of any GA college.

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