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5 Unique Date Night Ideas in Atlanta (Plus 1 Bonus!)

It’s so easy to overlook making time to take that special someone out on a hot date, but it’s important! Luckily, Atlanta just so happens to be full of unique and exciting date night options to fit seamlessly into your busy week, no matter what you’re looking for…

For something dramatic 

Murder, Mystery, and Mayhem at Petite Violette is an interactive murder mystery dinner theater at one of Atlanta’s finest french spots, combining dinner and a show to an impeccable tee. The show experiences are constantly evolving, with an emphasis on current pop culture trends and beloved TV shows and movies. oIn addition to the engaging performance, you will be served a gourmet French four-course dinner and a glass of wine. 

Meal options include your choice of favorites such as: salmon piccata, chicken cordon bleu, and tagliatelle with fresh veggies. And don’t worry…there’s dessert, a chocolate flourless cake with mousse and a raspberry sauce. This event runs every Friday and Saturday night at 7:30 PM with hors d’oeuvres starting at 6:45 PM.

Participation is encouraged, but not required. Though who knows how dramatic you’ll be feeling after that glass of wine…

For the ‘gram 

What if you could walk into outer space or African safari for real? Well okay, not REAL, but you’ll be so immersed in the Illuminarium’s scenic landscape brought to life by speakers and projectors, that you’ll fully believe you’ve been transported to a new world. The Illuminarium is constantly changing the digital experience, so make sure you check their website and social media channels to make sure you know what to expect! The After Dark experience is available Thursday – Sunday from 7:00 PM to midnight.

While this experience is thrilling enough on its own, like just about everything it becomes a lot more fun with booze! The Bar at Illuminarium and the Illuminarium Cafe elevate this experience from a fun outing to an unforgettable one. Plus, it’s right off the Beltline so it’s a breeze to access. 

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For the one with a refined palate

A well-prepared meal is one of life’s finest pleasures. There’s no moment more exhilarating than when your server arrives at the table and you make intense eye contact with the plate that you just know is yours. Well, what if you could extend that moment for the whole meal? Enter the Local Three Chef’s Table, one of the most unique and intimate dining experiences in Atlanta.

It is located in the middle of the kitchen, and offered every night between 5:30 PM and the final seating time of 8:00 PM. There are eight courses, each with a beverage pairing. Examples of recent courses include: Mushroom Bucatini with a sauvignon blanc, stuffed quail with a pinot noir, and a dry-aged Kansas City strip with whipped potato and a cabernet sauvignon. And that’s not even half the meal!

You pay $175 per person, but this includes every single bite and sip you’ll be enjoying as well as tax and gratuity. 

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For the movie buff

For over half a century, the most common question for a date is “dinner or a movie?” Here’s how you can have your cake and eat it too.

The Midtown Art Cinema has something for everybody, whether you want to catch the latest MCU blockbuster or an avant-garde indie flick. Tucked away in the back of the Midtown Promenade shopping center, take your pick of a movie you want to see and then cap your night off with a relaxed and delicious meal at Apres Diem to discuss Dwayne Johnson’s workout routine or what exactly you just saw in that A24 movie. 

Apres Diem has just the right mix of upscale (i.e. lobster crostini and mussels in an ale sauce) and comforting (seafood linguini and a roasted portobello sandwich on focaccia). From the shockingly cheap movie tickets to the casual meal, you can show your significant other that you care without dreading the moment you check your bank account the next morning. 

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For the wild card

What does the average date night entail? Sipping on a couple of drinks, nibbling on appetizers, and enjoying a nice order of scallops and filet mignon? You’ve never truly enjoyed date night if it didn’t end with you making it rain with singles in the oldest strip club in Atlanta.

Whoa, things got out of hand fast!

Let’s start with the early part of the evening. Your best course of action is to work your way down. Enjoy the picturesque views of the city of Atlanta from the Hotel Clermont Rooftop. Then grab some late night bites downstairs at the French-inspired brasserie Tiny Lou’s. It’s hard to beat broccoli rabe gnocchi, truffle frites, and french onion soup. Finally, take things underground, metaphorically and literally, to the lounge where you can end your night in style (depending on your definition).

You won’t find a much more fun Atlanta night for two than this.

Cheesecakes from Cafe Intermezzo.

For the one with a sweet tooth

“Intermezzo” is Italian for the brief musical interlude taking place between larger sections of a composition. Cafe Intermezzo is in many ways the beautiful interlude between various parts of your day. 

Rather than ordering a steak or a lobster in the evening hours, you and that special someone can come by at the time of day that suits you (we recommend after dinner) for the thoughtful small plates, fresh desserts, and creative drinks.

Take a look at the pastry display and see what inspires you. We recommend the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake, Cookies & Cream Cheesecake, and the Heavenly Lemon Torte to chew on, then get a delicious specialty coffee drink, one of their classic and unique cocktails, or check all of the above and get the alcoholic Bailey’s Cappuccino or the North Face (Hot Chocolate Deluxe with peppermint schnapps). 

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