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Where To Find FIRE Latin American Cuisine Around ATL

It’s National Hispanic Heritage Month, which coincides with the independences of many Latin American countries including Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile, and Belize. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate than by taking a culinary road trip around Atlanta to some of the best restaurants featuring these countries’ unique flavors!

The Freakin' Incan - Ceviche | Photo: Facebook/thefreakinincan
The Freakin’ Incan – Ceviche | Photo: Facebook/thefreakinincan

The Freakin’ Incan

This Roswell staple has been dishing out quality Peruvian food for years. The “lomo saltado,” or the stir fried filet served with rice and fries, is fantastic. And you’ll love the crunch of the toasted corn in their ceviche.

Xela Cafe - Pastries and Coffee | Photo: Facebook/xelarestaurant
Xela Cafe – Pastries and Coffee | Photo: Facebook/xelarestaurant

Xela Pan Cafe

This hole-in-the-wall spot on Buford Highway has a menu filled with authentic Guatemalan and Latin American eats. You can start your day with an extra hearty breakfast of their Desayuno Chapin, with beans, eggs, plantains, rice, and tortillas or order any one of their delicious Guatemalan breads and pastries. The chuchitos, or Guatemalan tamales, are also delicious.

Rincon Latina - Pupusa
Rincon Latina – Pupusa

Rincon Latino

For those of you who have never had a pupusa, let us introduce you to this Salvadorian treat! Pupusas are one of our favorite ways to combine carbs, cheese, and meat. They’re a corncake typically filled with cheese and beans or meat. The dough is made using corn masa flour and cooked on a hot griddle until the dough puffs up slightly and is browned in certain spots. They’re the perfect cheesy meal, and Rincon Latino makes a great one with all the fillings you could want!

Arepa Mia - Arepa | Photo: Facebook/arepamia
Arepa Mia – Arepa | Photo: Facebook/arepamia

Arepa Mia

Arepas are yet another awesome way to eat carbs, common to the cuisines of Venezuela and Colombia. According to their website, arepas are made of “delicious cornmeal flour grilled patties, sliced in half & stuffed with savory meat, cheeses, veggies, and even sweets!” The owner, Lis Hernandez, who grew up helping her mom sell arepas in Venezuela for 25 years, opened up the restaurant out of a desire to bring her country’s traditional cuisine to the United States. You can find these tasty treats over by Decatur in Avondale Estates.

Las Brasas

It might feel like Buford Highway or OTP is absolutely where you have to be for authentic eats from around the world, but there are definitely some intown spots that are surprisingly delicious too. Las Brasas is an ITP and Decatur trend with charcoal Peruvian chicken that’s truly addicting. They’ve got ample outdoor patio seating, and their food would taste delicious for takeout as well.

La Pastorcita - Tacos
La Pastorcita – Tacos

La Pastorcita

If you’re looking for authentic Mexican eats, La Pastorcita is where you want to go for a taco (or three!) Served on corn tortillas and topped with cilantro and onions, their simple, tasty tacos come in just over 2 bucks a pop and satisfy any taco craving. Flavors include carne asada, barbacoa, chicken, and chorizo flavors. Their carne asada is especially tasty, and the red salsa that it’s served with is the perfect pairing. Feeling adventurous? Try the tongue taco!

Casi Cielo

Is it just us or is the dining scene in Sandy Springs like, really heating up? Casi Cielo is one of the the newest additions to the neighborhood serving upscale Oaxacan fare. The octopus is to die for, their blue corn tortillas are handmade and cooked the traditional way, and all of their mezcal drinks are super tasty. We’re obsessed.

Cubanos ATL - Sandwich | Photo:
Cubanos ATL – Sandwich | Photo:

Cubanos ATL

For a taste of Miami in ATL, newly opened Cubanos ATL in Sandy Springs is serving up the perfect Cuban sandwich and coffees that truly pack a punch. The owner, Ozzy Llanes, wanted to bring the flavors he grew up with in Miami and Cuba to Atlanta. The result? A sandwich with addictingly toasty bread, pork marinated the traditional way, and a perfect layer of mustard that ties it all together.

El Super Pan - Mofongo | Photo: Facebook/elsuperpanPCM
El Super Pan – Mofongo | Photo: Facebook/elsuperpanPCM

El Super Pan

If you’ve been searching for quality Puerto Rican food for some time, El Super Pan is where you want to be. Get your fix of mofongo, a dish with mashed fried plantains, and churrasco, or grilled hanger steak. Locations at the Battery and at Ponce City Market!

Porch Light Latin Kitchen - Torta
Porch Light Latin Kitchen – Torta

Porch Light Latin Kitchen

The owner, Andre Gomez, opened up this Smyrna spot out of a desire to have a restaurant that feels like home, that feels like folks are just hanging out on his porch. Sofrito is the base of their soups and sauces, that add just a hint of spice to the dishes. And while they’re still closed for dine-in, they’re offering delicious takeout menus at this time. Guava chipotle meatballs, sofrito marinated skirt steak pinchos, and mojo mustard roasted pork tacos are just a few of the mouthwatering offerings this week. Can you say yum!



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