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Best Restaurants in Reynoldstown

One of the best parts of living in Atlanta is the number of charming and distinctive neighborhoods. Located just east of downtown is Reynoldstown, one of the fastest-growing parts of town with a fascinating history.

It was originally settled after the Civil War by freed slaves (including Madison and Sarah Reynolds, who the town is supposedly named after) who worked for the city’s vast railroad industry. It has since exploded in countless ways, from its diversity to its art scene, with residents including young families, twentysomething professionals, retired empty-nesters, and local students. Because it is nestled snugly between Cabbagetown, Grant Park, and Inman Park, its reach is quite vast. 

Reynoldstown also has a significant influence around Atlanta due to its budding restaurant scene, combining tried-and-true staples with bold new spots. 

Here are some of our favorite Reynoldstown eateries.

Muchacho | Breakfast burritos | Photo Credit: Muchacho


904 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Muchacho dared to ask the question, “what if our coffee shop had tacos?” and Atlanta is better off for it. From 8 AM to midnight every day of the week but Monday, this trendy spot on Memorial serves coffee drinks, booze, thoughtful bowls and sandos, and, of course, breakfast tacos and burritos (though those are only available until 11 AM).

Just about everything on the Muchacho food menu goes tremendously well with a cup of cold brew or any of the other creative coffee and espresso concoctions you may be drawn to that particular day.

Petit Chou | French Toast | Photo Credit: Petit Chou

Petit Chou

662 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

This deeply stylish tribute to French cooking has much to write home about: the perfectly-roasted PERC Coffee drinks, the grandiose garden, the sexy bar scene…but obviously we’re all about the food, especially the breakfast.

Petit Chou is perhaps best known for their Liège Waffles: Belgian waffles with seasonal fruits and pecans, topped with Vermont maple syrup and an addicting cinnamon-vanilla whipped cream. On a similar note is the French Toast Crème Brûlée Combier, AKA croissant french toast (be careful not to drool on your screen). Some of the more savory items include the Eggs Benedict (topped with pancetta, arugula, and diced tomatoes), Biscuits and (chicken sausage) Gravy, and the French bistro favorite Croque Monsieur.

Girl Diver | Photo Credit: Girl Diver

Girl Diver

955 Memorial Dr SE ste 510, Atlanta, GA 30316

From Richard Tang, owner of the Inman Park favorite Char, comes Girl Diver. They serve a seafood-heavy modern take on Vietnamese food. 

The Cantonese Chili Lobster is tangy and spicy. The Lobster Roll is crunchy and warm, with a side of fresh Old Bay waffle fries. If you’re not into seafood, the Shaking Beef is a burst of familiar flavor with additional layers that makes it soar. The Fried Rice is simple but exactly what you want with the meal. 

Additionally, the bar is top-notch, adding depth to all the classic cocktails. The Lebowski combines rye, orange bitters, and the surprisingly fitting espresso reduction. The Long Duk Dong is vodka with St. Germain, lemon, and simple syrup to ensure each sip is something special.

Wonderkid | Meatloaf Melt | Photo Credit: Mia Yakel


777 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

The vibes in the 1970s were way more stylish than today’s. Wonderkid capitalizes on that notion with nostalgic decor that will make you feel like you’re kicking back in a diner from decades earlier. The food, however, is much more modern.

The Duck Confit Poutine spices up your usual fries by covering them in roasted poultry grav and garlic cheese curds. The Crispy Chicken Wings are prepared “Buford Highway Style” with lots of umami goodness. Then you can crank up the diner energy with the Meatloaf Melt on a Vidalia onion roll and topped with bacon jam and pimento cheese. If you’re extra hungry, the Big Litle Italy stuffs a poppy kaiser roll to the brim with fried chicken, salami, pepperoni, provolone, LTO, banana & cherry peppers, and Italian dressing. 

Hopefully you save room for their soft serve ice cream!


780 Memorial Drive Southeast, Atlanta, GA 30316

Envegan shows that you don’t need meat or dairy to enjoy a filling and fabulous meal in Reynoldstown. This completely vegan restaurant whips up all your favorite dishes minus any animal products.

Love wings? Check out their Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Win: breaded and fried cauliflower tossed in buffalo sauce and served with celery and vegan ranch. 

Love philly cheesesteaks? Their Philly Cheesesteak takes out both the cheese and the steak and replaces them with grilled savory vegan beef strips and vegan cheese sauce, plus the usual grilled mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers.

Love dessert? Try their Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake and you won’t even notice the missing dairy.

Supremo Taco | Carne Asada Tacos | Photo Credit: Supremo

Supremo Taco

701 B Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Supremo believes that a taco is about far more than the sum of its parts. That’s why they embed authenticity into everything they do at their small but high-volume walk-up Cali taco joint.

They’re constantly changing the menu to ensure everything stays fresh, both literally and figuratively. One week you might be able to savor a lamb barbacoa taco, and the next it’ll be replaced by pork al pastor. 

While you’ll never leave disappointed with your order, certain items are always on the menu, like the cinnamon sugar Churros that are just about the best you’ll have north of the border.

Cold Brew Bar | Smoked Salmon Toast | Photo Credit: Cold Brew Bar

Cold Brew Bar

777 Memorial Dr SE Suite 103A, Atlanta, GA 30316

Cold Brew Bar earned its name by innovating the coffee game with a full cold brew bar with 14 taps of rotating original flavors. 

There’s several Nitro options, like Nitro Oat Chai Latte and Nitro Cold Brew, as well as teas like Sparkling Hibiscus. One of their most popular mainstays is The Captain, a cortado infused with Cap’n Crunch cereal.

They have a variety of foods to pair with whichever drink you’re having. They have several toasts with toppings like Grilled Corn Avocado and Smoked Salmon, smoothie bowls (the Mango Lassi is our current favorite), and plenty of other options.

El Tesoro | Breakfast Burritos

El Tesoro

209 Edgewood Ave. Atlanta, GA 30303

This Edgewood hotspot is the pride of the neighborhood, with a sprawling patio and a cool atmosphere for drinks and any other fiesta you may have in mind. Their merch is slick and the overall aesthetic guarantees a good time. Plus, those crispy and flavorful burritos are comfort food personified. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to spend your day than sitting on that patio with a House Blanco Margarita in one hand and a Mulita (small corn tortilla quesadilla) or Burro (SoCal-style burrito) in the other.

Homegrown - Comfy Chicken Biscuit | Photo: Instagram/onebagwanderer via Facebook/Home.grown.GA
Home grown | Comfy Chicken Biscuit | Photo Credit: Home grown

Home grown

968 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

Home grown is one of the most beloved restaurants in all of Atlanta. It has an old school southern feel (my friend Brandon describes it as a “cool version of Cracker Barrel”), yet is infused with a modernity thanks to displays of local art that are constantly being sold and replaced, a unique way of staying connected with the Reynoldstown neighborhood and beyond.

Part of the reason the food is so side-stickingly tasty is that much of the organic produce is supplied from their very own garden. They also never try to get cute with southern staples. The secret to the Comfy Chicken, an open-faced chicken biscuit covered with sausage gravy, is that the biscuit is fresh and fluffy, the chicken is beautifully-prepared, and the sausage gravy…is sausage gravy! Grant’s Stack puts homemade pimento cheese, fried green tomatoes, and bacon on grilled Texas Toast. And the Big A’s is a breakfast bruschetta: a grilled hoagie topped with mozzarella, goat cheese, spinach, roasted tomatoes, as well as scrambled eggs and bacon (it is breakfast after all!) 

As Anthony Bourdain himself once said, “If you need a whole breakfast — old school, full-on — then Home Grown in Reynoldstown might be what you need.”

ParkGrounds | Breakfast burrito and latte | Photo Credit: ParkGrounds


142 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316

When you think of a dog park, you probably don’t get the desire to eat or drink, but ParkGrounds redefined their identity, converting their large dog park into a dog-friendly beer garden. One of the least fun parts of being a dog owner is leaving it at home, so they’re simply trying to make your life more fun!

Bring your canine companion to enjoy breakfast, sandwiches, and beer with their favorite person in the world (psst…that’s you). ParkGrounds serves breakfast items like a Hash Brown Bowl with fried egg, cheddar, onion, tomato, and your choice of bacon or sausage and a Carnitas Breakfast Burrito stuffed in a spinach wrap with carnitas, onion, tomato, hash browns, and scrambled eggs. 

They have a variety of sandwiches which are available all day (breakfast is only served until the very late riser time of 2:00 PM), so enjoy those with your choice of cafe drink or beer.

Taqueria Tsunami

915 Memorial Drive SE, Suite 212, Atlanta, GA 30316

Taqueria Tsunami combines two of our favorite global cuisines, Latin and Asian, into a sweet, sour, salty, and scrumptious fusion of flavor. While the two may seem quite disparate, you’ll find yourself surprised with how deliciously they blend.

Few dishes demonstrate this culinary marriage better than the Asian Nachos: wontons topped with queso, pico, roasted poblano/corn, lettuce, fresh jalapenos, and your choice of ground beef or Kogi BBQ short rib. There’s also the Avocado Cilantro Egg Rolls and the Korean Fried Cauliflower, which are each delicious in their own right. 

Finally, there’s the tacos…specifically, the Tsunami Quatro, which comes with 3 tacos and a side (bringing the total to four items, hence the name). We recommend Asada Zing (AKA bulgogi), Aloha (grilled teriyaki chicken with pineapple pico), and Korean Carnitas with a side of either Tots with Jalapeno Queso or Fried Yucca.

Chick’nCone | Chick’nCone, Waffle Crunch Shake, Mac’nCheese | Photo Credit: Chick’nCone


780 Memorial Drive Unit 1A Atlanta, GA 30316

Chik’nCone takes crispy and well-seasoned pieces of chicken and serves them in a waffle cone. Yes, you read that correctly! This combination may sound like a fever dream, but it instead tastes like your wildest dreams came true. 

The menu is tight, so you can only really get something tremendous, like the Chick’nCone or the Chick’nSandwich along with your choice of homemade sauces, including Cinna-Maple, Kick’n Ranch, and Yell BBQ (mustard-based BBQ). Make sure you order a side or two, like the Caj’nFries and the Mac’nCheese.

There are two locations in Atlanta, including a newly-opened Reynoldstown spot right across from the Dairies, but there’s locations all across America and even a handful in the United Arab Emirates.

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