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Inman Park Dining Guide

Did you know that Inman Park was Atlanta’s first true suburb? It was planned and built out as the 19th century paved the way for the 20th, as our city was finally finding its stride after the Civil War. 

Today, Inman Park is one of Atlanta’s most charming neighborhoods. It has become a vibrant and bustling community, full of families and young adults alike. 

There’s no shortage of things to do in Inman Park. Most importantly, there is an astounding amount of fantastic restaurants everywhere you turn. Here are some of our favorites…


Who doesn’t love tapas?

The menu is constantly changing so you have plenty of reasons to keep coming back for more small plates and wines. You’re always going to enjoy the Charcuterie & Cheese, where you can choose from a variety of meats, like Soria Chorizo and Jamón Serrano, and cheeses, like 6-Months Aged Manchego and Drunken Goat (goat cheese soaked in red wine). 

You’ll also love the Chicken Pimientos (with potatoes, lemon, and hot cherry peppers) and the various Paella selections.

Victory Sandwich Bar

Victory Sandwich Bar

Sandwiches and booze…what more do you need?

Victory Sandwich Bar has both in spades. They have a wide variety of sandwiches, like Little Havana (a Cuban sandwich) and Little Montana (braised beef, spicy mayo, and Fresno jam). The cocktail menu is extensive as well, though their most popular drink has to be their Whiskey Coke Slushie, a potent and refreshing libation. 

In addition to the two sandwich shops (one in Inman Park, the other in Decatur), they also have V.C.C. Coffee, in Inman Park as well, where they serve all of your favorite coffee drinks as well as biscuit sandwiches, wine, and beer. No matter which location you visit, or what you order, you’ll find yourself screaming “victory!”

A dish of osso bucco with a chunk of braised meat and a bone with pasta
Lamb Osso Bucco | Amore e Amore | Photo Credit: Joey Weiss

Amore e Amore

Who doesn’t love an old school Italian feast? Amore e Amore (formerly Il Localino) has been in Inman Park for over two decades and you can feel the love and care from the moment you walk into the cozy dining room. And things only ramp up from there once the food hits your table.

They have a phenomenal bread service, and a wide variety of antipasti and pasta dishes. For your entree, it’s hard to beat the Lamb Osso Bucco but don’t sleep on the Chicken Parmigiana or Cousin Vinnie’s World Famous Calamari, Shrimp, and Scungilli Fra Diavolo. They’re currently running a Harry Potter themed experience, a pre-fixe menu that teleports you straight to Hogwarts. Molto bene! (That’s Italian, not a spell)

Delbar | Mazze | Photo Credit: Delbar


If you’ve ever wondered how Inman Park diners feel about Middle Eastern food, just try getting a table at Delbar at dinner time and see how long your wait will be.

Everything on the menu is a winner, from the mazze and spreads like the Falafel Plate and the Dill Labneh, to the heartier meat entrees like the Koobideh Kabob (lamb and beef) and the Seabass. The cocktails are charming and unique and a fitting accompaniment to this divine meal.


While Wisteria may be in a century-old building, its menu is far from old-fashioned. You might associate Southern cooking with tradition, but this kitchen keeps you on your toes with their out-of-the-box takes on many of the usual dishes.

For example, we all know and love fried chicken and the classic sides, but Wisteria takes it up a notch. The Iron Skillet Half Fried Chicken is crispy and juicy, with bacon-braised collards, sweet corn pudding, and roasted mushrooms. They’re not reinventing the wheel at Wisteria…just making it taste really good.

Cheese pizza | LLoyd’s Restaurant & Lounge | Photo Credit: LLoyd’s

LLoyd’s Restaurant & Lounge

LLoyd’s is proud to be the spot “where nobody knows your name.” Their brand is cheeky and funny, but they also sling some of the very best pizza in town. As you can imagine from a place like this, they keep things simple, aiming for quality rather than creativity. It’s hard to beat the Pepperoni pie or the Sausage Party (with pepperoni, sausage, bolognese, and bacon).

They also serve $3 late night slices after 9:00 PM, which pair perfectly with a pitcher of beer or your classic wines and cocktails. 

Tagliatelle Alle Tre P | Sotto Sotto | Photo Credit: Sotto Sotto

Sotto Sotto

Sotto Sotto has been an Inman Park mainstay for over fifteen years, serving Italian dishes rooted in centuries of tradition. How traditional? Just look at the Tortelli de Michelangelo, a dish dating back to the 15th century: ravioli stuffed with veal, chicken, and pork in a butter and sage sauce.

They have plenty of dishes that are more modern, like risotto, veal parmigiana, and Caesar salad. And don’t worry, for any dish you order, there will be a surplus of potential wine pairings to make it a complete meal.


Pizza is one of life’s greatest treats, and Fritti whips up a mean pie. When you have such flavorful dough and fresh toppings, you can’t go wrong whether you’re getting a simple Margherita pizza or going bolder with something like the Funghi di Bosco: San Marzano tomato, mozzarella, crimini and portobello mushrooms, and white truffle oil.

While the pizza alone is worth your visit, Fritti also has a spacious and stylish patio fit for parties of all sizes, as well as a mighty selection of various flavors of gelato. 

Foul Play | Folk Art | Photo Credit: Folk Art

Folk Art

What is there to say about Folk Art that their slogan doesn’t cover: “artful eats for simple folks.” Everything they serve is beautifully composed and deeply comforting. 

Take, for instance, the Hole In One: pastrami-cured salmon, cream cheese, pickled tomato, onion, and olive tapenade on an everything bagel. It’s just the right amount of funky without being too crazy. There’s also the Foul Play: fried chicken and a house-made sweet potato waffle topped with whiskey-peach compote. It’s chicken and waffles cranked into overdrive!

Lobster roll | Beetlecat | Photo Credit: Beetlecat


If you like oysters, lobster, shrimp, and all other types of seafood, Beetlecat is the place for you. I asked Ford Fry what he recommends you order at Beetlecat, and he gave a multiple-choice answer:

“The salt and pepper calamari, or we call it the salt and pepper squid, is great. I always get that. The fry bread, everyone loves. Also the lobster roll. I always get the spicy shrimp noodles and I’ll typically get a burger to share.”

Any questions?

Hangover fries from Hampton + Hudson
Hampton + Hudson | Hangover Fries

Hampton + Hudson 

Hampton + Hudson is widely known as a go-to spot, whether you’re playing trivia, watching an Atlanta United game, or just grabbing brunch with friends. 

They specialize in elevated bar food, offering all your favorites, but made just that much better. A few of the menu stars include the Crispy Chicken Sandwich and the Hangover Fries: fries (hold for applause) topped with black beans, beef chili, queso, and a sunny side egg (applaud now).

Smoked wings | The Albert | Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

The Albert

The Albert is a textbook example of a restaurant staying true to their lane and thriving in it. Everything they serve is thoughtfully made and aims to please. 

You can learn a lot about a restaurant from its appetizers, so just look at a few of those selections. The smoked wings are fall-off-the-bone tender and incredibly flavorful, whether you’re eating them plain or with lemon pepper, ranch rub, or buffalo sauce. You may also enjoy the Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls, the Albert Plate (a seasoned veggie crudite plate with pickles and ranch dressing), or the spicy Boiled Peanuts.

As far as entrees, you can’t miss with any of their tasty burgers or sandwiches, each served with one of their succulent sides.

Kevin Rathbun Steak dry aged USDA Prime.
Kevin Rathbun Steak | Dry-aged steak

Kevin Rathbun Steak

Atlantans love a good steakhouse, and this is one of the finest in not only the city, but the nation! From iconic Atlanta restaurateur Kevin Rathbun, this hot spot right off the Beltline is consistently creating not just delicious meals, but unforgettable experiences. 

The steak is rightfully the star of the show (and the dry-aged cowboy ribeye is one of the tastiest cuts you’ll ever eat), but the supporting cast is just as mighty. Start off with the Lobster Fritters or the Japanese BBQ Wagyu Short Rib, and you’ll already be exceptionally pleased with your meal. Keep the train going with chilled Maine Lobster Tail or the Chopped Salad. And once you savor these, your steak, and your sides (perhaps the Grits Au Gratin or Charred Jalapeno Creamed Corn), make sure you save room for one of their decadent desserts.

Hell Yeah Gluten Free 

Who said being gluten-free means you can’t enjoy a pastry or even a donut? Founder Alejandra Luaces was inspired by her own allergy and love of baking to create a place where folks with gluten, dairy, or nut allergies could still eat their favorite treats.

Whether you live any of these dietary lifestyles or not, you’ll be quite pleased with this woman-owned and woman-led bakery. It’s only open Thursday – Sunday morning through afternoon, so get there early if you want to enjoy the full lineup of baked goods.

Photo Credit: Little Spirit

Little Spirit

Little Spirit may not be a “restaurant” per se, but they serve such masterfully-mixed cocktails that you’ll find yourself spending hours here just to try the different drinks.

You’ll also be captivated by the various art pieces all over the place, depicting musical legends like David Bowie, 2Pac, and Biggie. Think of them as your collective drinking buddies.

Black Spaghetti from Boccalupo
Boccalupo | Black Spaghetti


This intimate Italian dining room is your source for all things in the pasta world.

Anybody can tell you that homemade pasta will automatically level up any dish, so everything at BoccaLupo gets amped up to 11. Their most well-known dish has to be the Black Spaghetti, colored black with squid ink (just for color, not taste) with hot Calabrese sausage, red shrimp, and scallions.

If that’s not your vibe (or you’re still hungry), the Southern Fried Chicken Parm is ludicrously delicious, as well as the Bruschetta with caramelized onions, pine nuts, currants, and shaved capicola.

Char Korean Bar and Grill

Korean BBQ is basically DIY dinner and a show. 

Not only do you get to enjoy the ceremony of searing your own meats and sides, but you can also enjoy other Korean sides. Nothing goes better with grilled short rib, ribeye, and garlic flank steak like Korean Street Corn and Kimchi Deviled Eggs. 

Kitty Dare | Charcuterie

Kitty Dare

This spot comes from Jaamy Zarnegar, the former GM and co-owner of Last Resort in Athens (Georgia, not Greece, though the quality of the food would make you believe either!) He named his new restaurant after his late friend Kitty Dare Ethridge, who played a huge role in his passion for food. This restaurant is a fitting tribute to her legacy because every dish is clearly a product of passion.

Kick things off with the Dips Trio, made up of some of the finest Mediterranean dips: pea and pistachio hummus, mirza ghasemi (Persian eggplant dip), and taramasalata (fish roe dip), and served with fresh bread. Another amazing starter to split with your table is the Charcuterie Board (a Spanish option, which is technically Mediterranean!). It has locally-sourced cured meats and cheeses, plus fried green olives, honeycomb, pisto (a Spanish veggie stew), and smoky almonds. 

The entrees are phenomenal as well, like the Gnocchi with black garlic, mint labneh, lamb ragu, and crunchy chickpeas, or the Berbere Chicken with slata bata halwa (North African sweet potato salad), grilled zucchini, and cherry tomato salsa.

Pancake | Bread & Butterfly | Photo Credit: Caroline C. Kilgore

Bread & Butterfly

There’s much to love about a cafe and bistro, and Bread & Butterfly nails all of it. 

If you’re looking to start your day in delightful fashion, their Pancake is one of the biggest and best in the business. The Soft Omelette and Greens (with sundried tomato and feta) is light yet packed with flavor. And you best not forget to grab a Croissant (butter or chocolate) before they run out!

If you go later on in the day, there’s still a versatile array of tasty treats you can nosh on. You’ve got snacks like Marinated Olives and Chile-Lime Popcorn, heartier items like Royal Red Shrimp Toast and Tomato Soup (with puff pastry), and entrees like the Salami, Tapenade, and Greens on Toasted Ciabatta and the Burger Americaine (wagyu on brioche with gruyere, roasted onion, grain mustard, and aioli with a side of crispy potatoes).

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