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Steak Shapiro’s Tips on How to Eat Keto Without Going Crazy

Our trusted host Steak Shapiro has been on and off the keto diet to help balance out all the good eating we do at Atlanta Eats and he’s got the low-down on how to eat and drink around Atlanta. Here are five “STEAK TIPS” that will make sure that keto is on point for you, you are not feeling deprived, and any weight loss you want to have is clearly happening.

Longhorn Steakhouse - Ribeye
Longhorn Steakhouse – Porterhouse

Tip #1: Go anywhere where protein is king.

Steak says to go “anywhere you can get double protein portions and double vegetable portions.” Atlanta high end staple Chops is an excellent option if you’re in Buckhead, but Longhorn is also really great for serving keto-friendly grub. Order a double burger with no buns, the salmon on a plank, or Flo’s Filet with some sauteed vegetables. Just remember that, “The danger in keto is the sauces. You can’t have any sugar, you can’t have ketchup, or BBQ sauces.”

Tip #2: Burritos are best.

Willie’s, Moe’s, and Bell Street Burritos are all great keto-friendly options if you make just a few modifications. Steak’s go-to order? “No rice, no beans, with barbacoa or any tasty protein and feel free to load up on the cheese, guac, sour cream, and sauteed onions and peppers.” Yum!

A grain bowl at Saladworks
Saladworks – Build Your Own Salad

Tip #3: Try the salad bar.

When he’s eating keto, Steak is a big of the salad bar: “The Whole Foods salad bar or most markets that has so many different types of veggies and huge chunks of rotisserie chicken and other proteins can definitely fill you up.  Don’t be afraid of the creamy dressings, either–just say no to croutons.” More salads that are mostly keto-friendly at some of his favorite spots include Cafe Agora’s chicken salad, Buckhead Diner‘s Cobb Salad with salmon, the Curry Chicken Salad Plate at Cafe at Pharr, the Bison salad at Ted’s Montana Grille, and almost anything at the delicious Flower Child–particularly the Mother Earth bowl over a salad instead of grains.

Tip #4: Tequila is your friend.

It’s hard enough to give up bread! If you just can’t quit alcohol, tequila is just the ticket. Most 80 proof clear liquors–vodka, rum, gin–don’t have any carbs and won’t kick you out of ketosis. However, tequila is the drink of choice for Steak when he’s eating keto. Tequila Herradura Silver is an impossibly smooth option.

The Greater Good's Brisket Burnt Ends
The Greater Good – Brisket Burnt Ends

Tip #5: Combine keto with exercise and you will be crushing it in no time.

The old adage is that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise, but if you really want to see results and feel stronger, Steak recommends incorporating an exercise regime too. “When you combine strict keto with a workout program from Pinnacle Fitness or a spin or kickboxing class at Burn Cycle, now you’re like a double barrel, fully-loaded.”

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