Citizen Soul

by Jorge Hernandez
Pimento Cheese Fritters from Citizen Soul

Fine fare in an even more fine atmosphere. Citizen Soul is Alpharetta’s sparkly new child that will not disappoint. A variety of menu items fit to please every pallet and a bar to dream about at night, it all comes together with the friendly and knowledgable staff. Also don’t miss the giant fire pit outside!

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Andy’s Frozen Custard

by Jorge Hernandez

What’s the difference between Ice Cream and Frozen Custard? According to a few custard lovers we spoke to, “Custard is more creamy”, “It’s better than ice cream – hands down.”

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Kale Me Crazy

by Jorge Hernandez
Kale Me Crazy - Smoothies

When Roi Shlomo decided to change his eating habits in 2012, he wanted to focus his diet on high quality food without processed ingredients. That desire has turned into Kale Me Crazy, a superfood cafe that supports a healthy lifestyle. With freshly made juices, incredible wraps and bowls, and a catering spread that breaks convention, Kale Me Crazy is bringing a healthy lifestyle to folks around metro Atlanta and the rest of the country.

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Antico Pizza

by Duncan Connor
Antico Pizza Napoletana

This could be the most decorated pizza anywhere! When you take pizza as seriously as Gio does, you’re bound to win a few awards.

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First Watch

by Jorge Hernandez
First Watch - Million Dollar Bacon

What’s in a name? At First Watch, it’s everything. Every morning starts at the crack of dawn, with freshly prepared fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and scratch batter.

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BB’s Bagels

by Jorge Hernandez
Bagels from BB's Bagels

Everyone knows the best bagels come from New York, but when you have a craving for that Everything with a shmear, where in metro Atlanta can you go? The Bronx, of course! Family-owned Bronx Bagels, or BB’s Bagels, is considered by many to be Atlanta’s best.

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by Jorge Hernandez
The ribeye and lobster dish available at Cabernet

Walking into Cabernet is walking into classic steakhouses of the past.

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Goldberg’s Deli

by Jorge Hernandez

There are some things that transcend Atlanta’s fabled brunch culture. Beyond the deviled eggs and the skillet scrambles, beyond the 45 minute waits to be seated when all you want is something to much on the go, is something much simpler: bagels.

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2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery

by Jorge Hernandez
Gluten Free donuts at 2BWhole Bakery

Everyone has the sarcastic friend who says that Gluten Free food tastes like cardboard. Take them to 2B Whole, however, and they’re very likely to keep their mouths shut. That’s because their mouths will be stuffed with delicious, gluten free pastries, desserts and savory dishes like pizza and pot pie.

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by Jorge Hernandez

Beer is made from three simple ingredients – barley, hops and water. So at Barleygarden, you know you’ll get a great option for beer with their 61 rotating taps.

Coalition Food + Beverage

by Jorge Hernandez
The classic banana split from Coalition Food and Beverage

Coalition Food and Beverage is a delicious, chef-driven restaurant in the heart of downtown Alpharetta.

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by Jorge Hernandez
Baja Tacos from Chiringa

267 miles to Atlanta’s closest beach – not exactly a quick trip. That’s why your best option for those beach vibes is in downtown Alpharetta, believe it or not. Chiringa, which has a sister restaurant on the 30A Coast, Chiringo, brings the beach year-round.

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Farm to Ladle

by Jorge Hernandez
pimento cheese sandwich

The perfect lunch – soup or salad, a delicious sandwich, and maybe a cookie for dessert. Farm to Ladle brings you the freshest version of that lunch every day, consistently with their fresh ingredients, focus on healthy fare and beautiful interiors at The Avalon and Ponce City Market.

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by Duncan Connor
Ippolitos Pizza

Ippolito’s presents classic and nostalgic Italian dishes, served family-style, in a neighborhood restaurant with lots of local flair…that is, if you can resist the overwhelming urge to fill up on their famous garlic knots first!

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Catch the Debut of “Supper Club With Gas South”, The Juiciest Crab in ATL, Craveworthy Coffee in Alpharetta and More – WWVL Week of 3/11

by Jorge Hernandez

We launched our new Facebook Live series last week, Supper Club with Gas South. We’ll be visiting a new restaurant every Wednesday at 5pm in March and April – catch us on Facebook for more. We also shot new restaurant segments at Alpharetta’s The Nest Cafe, where we learned how they make their next level lattes, and The Juicy Crab, where they serve you delicious seafood seasoned in a bag right to your table. Plus – Steak tries Hooters’ stuffed wings in-studio – scroll down to see Where We Visited Lately, week of 3/11!

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Johnny’s Pizza

by Jon Teplow

If you’re in the Southeast, you can taste a little piece of New York with Johnny’s NY Pizza. Each Johnny’s shares the same quality, consistency & hometown NY feel that is hard to find this south of the Mason Dixon.

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di Paolo

by Jorge Hernandez
This succulent veal chop is called “cotoletta.” It is served with the bone in and has mushrooms and a generous pour of demi glace on top. Creamed spinach is served on the side to perfectly complement the meat.

The aromas of wood-burning pizza, freshly-cooked pasta, and succulent meat are wafting through the air. No, you aren’t in Italy. In fact, this is di Paolo, an Italian restaurant in Alpharetta. This neighborhood spot features an open, inviting kitchen and an intimate, romantic ambience. They have been serving delicious Italian food alongside a lengthy wine list since 1995.

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Black Walnut Cafe

by Steffi Cook

Fast casual Black Walnut Cafe is making waves with its debut to to metro Atlanta.

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by Krista Miller

ITP flavor with an OTP adress, Alpharetta’s Bite is taking the town by storm. Whether you’re craving a Maine style lobster roll or a West Coast style cheeseburger, Bite will bring their distinct Southern charm to the dish. So, grab a seat, order a glass of wine and let these guys wow you.