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Atlanta’s Best Tofu Dishes

You don’t need to be vegetarian to love tofu.

Frankly, what’s NOT to like? It’s versatile, it has a unique texture you won’t find in any other food, and it absorbs other flavors like a sponge.

Here are some of the most creative and tasty ways that Atlanta restaurants have leveled up what used to be a mere meat alternative into the star of the show.


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Mapo Tofu – Northern China Eatery

Northern China Eatery is rightfully renowned for all things dumplings, but they also bring the heat (no pun intended) with other Chinese staples, like Mapo Tofu.

Mapo Tofu is a classic Sichuan dish cooked with ground pork and a spicy red sauce with a distinct spice from Sichuan peppercorns that’s numbing rather than sweat-inducing. It’s hard to fully describe it and even harder to explain why it’s so good, but trust us… get the Mapo Tofu.

Tofu dish with beer in background
Killer Tofu | Argosy | Photo Credit: Argosy

Killer Tofu – Argosy

Argosy is a sprawling gastropub in East Atlanta Village with over 30 beers on tap, a to-die-for burger, wood-fired pizzas, and plenty of other charming and creative dishes.

One of those is their Killer Tofu, served with House Kimchi, green onion ribbons, radishes, cucumbers, and tamari sesame vinaigrette. It’s tart, it’s salty, and it’s the perfect prelude to whatever your occasion at Argosy might entail.

Red soup with tofu and mushrooms floating in it
Spicy Tofu Soup | Herban Fix | Photo Credit: Happy Cow

Spicy Tofu Soup with Enoki & King Oyster Mushrooms – Herban Fix

Herban Fix is Chef Wendy Chang’s Pan-Asian concept that proves that healthy vegan food can be even more than a green juice or a kale wrap. This philosophy is best embodied by the Spicy Tofu Soup with Enoki & King Oyster Mushrooms.

This soup is umami to the max, with two types of mushrooms, but well balanced by the spice and the silken tofu.

Skillet with veggies and two pieces of tofu
Tofu Skillet | West Egg Cafe | Photo Credit: Yelp

Tofu Skillet – West Egg Cafe

West Egg is one of the classic West Midtown eateries, open for almost 20 years but still offering fresh and exciting breakfast all day.

They have so many strong ways to start your day, but the Tofu Skillet is unlike anything you’ll get at any other breakfast spots. The tofu is marinated and then seared and served with a beautiful medley of seasonal veggies.

Fried tofu cubes with dark red sauce and sesame seeds
Sweet and Sour Tofu | Heirloom Market | Photo Credit: Heirloom Market

Sweet & Spicy Tofu – Heirloom Market

Heirloom Market combines two of our favorite cuisines: BBQ and…Korean? It’s true. You might not expect this marriage to work as well as it does, but it’s truly a case of domestic bliss (doubly so because the restaurant is run by a married couple), from the brisket to the smoked wings.

Their Sweet & Spicy Tofu leans more on the Korean side of things, with flash-fried tofu and a sweet and spicy kimchi sauce and tossed with toasted sesame seeds. When you’re eating some thick and heavy meats, sometimes tofu is the perfect accompaniment. 


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Salt & Pepper Tofu – Ruby Chow’s

Ruby Chow’s is one of the (not-so) hidden gems near Ponce City Market, with a phenomenal menu full of Asian small plates, like Pow Pow Shrimp, Shaking Beef, and Roti Canai. But fear not, vegans, they’ve got you covered with something extra special.

Their Salt & Pepper Tofu is the kind of dish that just feels right from the moment it’s brought to your table, and even more so once you take a bite. It’s crispy and served with onions, jalapenos, five spice, chili sauce, and a cilantro garnish. 

Coconut soup with mushrooms in a silver bowl with a flame in the middle
Spicy Coconut Soup | Surin of Thailand | Photo Credit: Yelp

Spicy Coconut Soup – Surin of Thailand

Surin of Thailand is one of Atlanta’s tastiest Thai spots. One thing that makes Thai such a popular genre is that it has so many delicious meatless options, including the Spicy Coconut Soup.

The soup is lightly garnished with cilantro and jam-packed with mushrooms and scallions to bring just the right amounts of heat, acidity, and brightness that will have you asking for seconds.

Maple Dijon Tofu – Recess 

Recess has the mission to serve “food that makes you feel good” and we’d say they understood the assignment. 

The original location served the goods in Krog Street Market and their newest store in Buckhead carries the baton faithfully. They have a lineup of filling and healthy bowls and salads, each of which you can top with their Maple Dijon Tofu as your protein. It’s sweet, it’s got some bite, and it adds some beautiful textural complexity to your bowl.


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Tofu Crispy Bao – Food Terminal

Food Terminal is already one of Atlanta’s most charismatic restaurants, serving Malaysian food, which draws an influence from a wide variety of Asian cuisines. But their Tofu Crispy Bao are unlike anything you’ve had before.

Most bao are soft all the way through, but these are unique: soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The full dish is a perfect combination of tastes and textures with fried tofu, cucumber, pickled carrot, avocado, green leaf, and mayo.

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