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Woman holding two desserts on plates

Miller Union’s Pastry Chef is Redefining Hospitality

Claudia Martinez cares about far more than pastries. Some chefs live and die by what they do in the kitchen, but she knows that there’s far more to life than crafting the perfect dessert. Let’s learn more about Miller Union’s pastry chef, her culinary journey around Atlanta, and how it has led her to become a leading fighter for Atlanta’s service industry.

Seafood Tower from Frankie's the Steakhouse.

The Best Fine Dining Restaurants OTP

Fine Dining outside the perimeter? With apologies to Omeretta The Great, OTP neighborhoods are just as important to what makes up “Atlanta” as ITP neighborhoods. When it comes to restaurants, some of the best, Beard-recognized establishments in the Atlanta metro are OTP.

Reuben sandwich from Fado

The Best Irish Pubs in Atlanta

When Arthur Guinness created “The Black Stuff”, did he know that sipping his stout in an Irish Pub would be a beautifully blissful experience? Especially when it’s served at the perfect 42.8 °F temperature. That, combined with a plate of Fish and Chips or an Irish breakfast, along with a great game on TV, can make for a perfect Saturday or Sunday. Whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or a sunny day in September, here’s a few of the Best Irish Pubs in Atlanta.

Mellow Mushrom - Stone-baked Cheese Pizza | Photo: Facebook/mellowmushroom

Steak Shapiro’s Top 10 Atlanta Pizza Joints

How does Atlanta stack up as a pizza city?  While we are not going to be confused with New York or for that matter Boston or Chicago we do have a lot to be proud of and keep getting better which is why compiling this list was not easy but it is indeed what I am paid to do….I give you then: The Top Ten Pizza Places in Atlanta (plus a few honorable mentions) in alphabetical order of course.

The Most Instagrammable Restaurants Around Atlanta

Do we hate ourselves a little for writing this? Oh, absolutely. But we did it for the gram! These restaurants around ATL feature beautifully plated dishes and swoon worthy interiors that you just can’t help but instagramming.

Best Eatertainment Venues in Atlanta

Eatertainment is a pretty uncomfortable portmanteau, but there’s not an obviously better way to describe that specific type of venue – one that prioritizes both a delicious, mouthwatering menu and an engaging, fun night out. Folks throughout Atlanta may have noticed more and more of these venues popping up – from a bowling alley with fancy, five star appetizers to a 30,000 square foot venue where you can spend hours having a blast.

Hippin Hops Brewery's Owners Clarence and Donnica Boston | Photo: Instagram/hippinhopsbrewery

50 Outstanding Black-Owned Restaurants in Atlanta

One of the things that makes Atlanta a Great American City is our Black history and culture. And dining at locally-owned, minority-owned businesses is a great (and delicious) way to support Atlanta’s fabric. Here are some of the best Black-owned restaurants in Atlanta!

valentines day themed drink from hamp and harrys

5 Lovely Valentine’s Day Pop-up’s in Atlanta 💘

If you love a themed pop-up as much as we do, you’re in luck. Love is in the air at several restaurants around Atlanta! From decking out the whole place in pink and red to themed food and cocktails, you’re gonna want to check out these Valentine’s Day pop-up’s while you can! 

The Garden Room - Interior | Photo:

29 Romantic Restaurants for Date Night in Atlanta

Call us biased, but we think ATL is one of the most romantic (and delicious) cities in the U.S.A.! And we can prove it with these restaurants that truly deliver both gourmet cuisine and romance. Here are our top picks for the top 29 romantic restaurants and places in Atlanta, perfect for you and your boo’s next night out on the town.

Fajitas from Tacos and Tequilas.

Best Places to Order Fajitas in Atlanta

A sizzling fajita dish gets attention at any restaurant and it’s clear why. Almost all of your senses are stimulated. It smells incredible, you can hear it sizzling on the skillet as they bring it out to you, you can see the steam rising from the fresh-off-the-grill proteins, and if they do it right, the taste is terrific. Just maybe don’t touch until it cools down a little.

Atlanta Restaurants That Make Big Group Dinners A Breeze

There’s nothing quite as stressful as trying to find a space to host a big group dinner. It’s a delicate dance coordinating different schedules, contrasting budgets, picky palettes, and most importantly, finding a restaurant that will accommodate ALL of your guests! We’re here to take away all your group dining woes with our guide featuring private event spaces, private dining rooms, and smaller groups. Check it out!

Delicious Black-Owned Brunch Spots Around ATL

If you’re looking to support a locally-owned, minority-owned business for brunch this weekend, there’s plenty of them serving up some serious deliciousness. Check out our list! 

Seared Scallops from Goin' Coastal

Best Restaurants in Canton, GA

Canton, centered right between the city of Atlanta and the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a vibrant town with stunning views and stellar eats. Here are some of our favorite spots to grab a bite in Canton.

Umi – Sashimi | Photo: Instagram/umisushiatl

11 Fancy Atlanta Restaurants That Are Worth the Splurge

We love a great, cheap eat just as much as anyone but there are also Atlanta restaurants that are absolutely worth the splurge. You might have to open up your wallet a little wider for these meals, but these Atlanta restaurants are totally worth it for your next special occasion or if you’re just feeling fancy!

Where to Get the Best Poke in Atlanta

We all love us some sushi, but what about poke?

For the uninformed, poke (POH-keh) is a Hawaiian dish consisting of diced raw fish served in a bowl with a variety of sauces, vegetables, and other toppings.  Not only is it absolutely overflowing with flavor, but it’s nutritious and filling, so you won’t be craving a snack an hour after your meal. Here are some of the best poke spots in Atlanta.

Politan Row - Interiors | Photo:

Colony Square Has Kicked It Up A Notch With These New Restaurants

Midtown has been peculiar in that it is one of the most expensive and desirable places to live in ATL, but it’s had a dearth of quality dining options compared to other Atlanta neighborhoods. But recently refreshed mixed-use development space Colony Square has a litany of new and enticing dining additions that have helped to more firmly etch Midtown as a dining destination. Take a look at our list of options to dine when you’re visiting Colony Square or hanging out in Midtown.

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