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Where To Get Thanksgiving To-Go in Atlanta

Whoever thinks Thanksgiving is relaxing has clearly never been in charge of cooking the meal. The food might flat out suck. Your turkey might be dry. Your stuffing could be soggy. And maybe that casserole you saw on TikTok didn’t quite translate to your kitchen. Here are some of the restaurants all over the Atlanta area helping to make your Thanksgiving stress-free.

pizza from fire pit pizza tavern in grant park

Eat Your Way Through Grant Park

One of the oldest neighborhoods in town, Grant Park drips with history. It also drips with amazing food. From Mexican food to great rooftop patios, pizza to award winning pancakes; this neighborhood has it all. So where do you go when you’re in the area? We’ve got you covered. Check out this article for the best Grant Park eats! 

Fried chicken thigh on a biscuit sandwich with pickles

What is Atlanta’s Favorite Breakfast Sandwich?

There’s no better way to start your day than with a breakfast sandwich. They’re hearty but not heavy, layered but not fluffy, and they taste so very good. We polled our 200,000+ Instagram followers about their breakfast sandwich preferences then compiled these findings into a tidy manifesto of the exact types that ATLiens like you love. Here’s what you had to say about breakfast sandwiches…

The General Muir - Matzoh Ball Soup

Good Soups Around Atlanta

We’re keeping the comfort food train going with these hearty broths and stews around town to warm you right up! Get your slurp on with takeout or dine-in at these restaurants today!

1920 Tavern - Exterior | Photo: Facebook/1920tavern

The Ultimate Roswell Dining Guide

There’s so much to love about the city of Roswell–from hikes along the Mill to the happening downtown scene to the absolute plethora of top tier dining destinations Canton Street. Let’s dig into some of the best restaurants that this Fulton county suburb has to offer!

Where To Eat, By Terminal, in The Atlanta Airport

Living in the A, we may all gripe about the traffic and the 100 degree summer days, but something we all are proud of is the Atlanta airport. You don’t realize it until you visit other cities’ airports that Hartsfield-Jackson is just *built different.* It’s more efficient, with more shopping options, and of course, places to eat. Take a look at our list and hop aboard the plane train if you’re trying to find your nearest Chick-fil-a or if you’re in search of Ludacris’ chicken spot. We’ve got all the highlights (though if you want a full list of all 100+ spots here, check out!) 

Kevin Rathbun Steak dry aged USDA Prime.

Michelin Guide Snubbed These Outstanding Atlanta Restaurants

Atlanta is now home to five one-star Michelin-rated restaurants as well as a slew of other Michelin-recommended and Bib Gourmand restaurants, and we’re thrilled for the extremely hardworking talented chefs and entrepreneurs behind those ventures! But of course, being the die-hards that we are for the Atlanta food scene, we think there were a few […]

A variety of frosted pastries on a silver tray

Where to Eat Gluten-Free in Atlanta

Some of the greatest foods include gluten: bread, pastries, pasta, cereal, soy sauce, and beer. That eliminates many of life’s greatest joys, but just because somebody can’t eat gluten doesn’t mean they can’t find some lovely foods to eat. Fortunately, Atlanta has a wide list of restaurants offering gluten-free options that will knock your socks off, whether you can eat gluten or not.

Photo: Yelp

Where to Have A Rowdy Dinner Around Atlanta

When you’re in the mood for something more lively than a simple dinner but you don’t want to commit to the club, a high-energy, rowdy dinner is just in order. We’ve got the full range in this post, from casual to more upscale, from fun and upbeat atmospheres to places where it’s totally okay to twerk on the tables if the music moves you to do so. Dive into our list, and let us know if we missed a spot. 

Sock's Love BBQ - Brisket Sandwich | Photo:

Steak Shapiro’s Top 15 BBQ Joints in Atlanta

Okay, so I’m kinda proud of being dubbed the  “Food Guy of Atlanta” and I get asked by folks near and far, what is it Atlanta is truly known for from a dining perspective?  In essence,  what does Atlanta do best?  I have a lot of answers to that question but one of those has to be we have kick-ass BBQ, and it only keeps getting better.

The Ultimate Buford Dining Guide

Just because a city is OTP doesn’t mean it can’t have a thriving restaurant scene. Buford is packed with fantastic restaurants of all types and cuisines, from the bustling downtown area to the outskirts. Whether you’re in the mood for refined fare with a Southern influence or deliciously authentic Chinese food, here are some of Buford’s finest eateries.

Doughnut Dollies- Vegan Pumpkin Coffee Cake

Here’s Where to Get the Most Festive Fall Treats This Season

Slowly but surely, fall is arriving in Atlanta, and with that comes all the basic fall flavors and we are here for it. From freshly baked breads to steaming hot lattes, there’s something so comforting about an apple or pumpkin flavored treat. If you still say that you don’t like pumpkin spice, quit being a […]

A green sign, reading "Atkins Park" in yellow set upon a blue sky

The Wild History of Atkins Park Restaurant & Bar, a Neighborhood Icon

Atkins Park Restaurant & Bar is a neighborhood icon in the truest sense of the word, and Atlanta is better for having a place like it. They hold golf tournaments, which they’ve been kicked out of on numerous occasions, serve killer food, and are the gem of their neighborhood. Here’s the story of Atkins Park.

9292 Korean BBQ - Bulgogi | Photo: Yelp

Where to Find Mouthwatering Korean BBQ Around Atlanta

Put a little sizzle in your next meal out when you gather around the grill with your friends, and experience the art of Korean BBQ at one of these top Atlanta restaurants. Korean barbecue is an interactive type of cuisine that involves grilling cuts of meat onto grills that are built into your dining table. It’s a wonderful way to spend the evening with friends, and thanks to a huge Korean diaspora community the Atlanta area, there are *tons* of great places to enjoy this dining experience. Here’s a list of a few with the most mouthwatering cuts of meat and flavors! 

A variety of pizza slices from Karvelas Pizza Co.

The Best Places to Get Takeout for Your Next Tailgate

Football in the South just feels different. It just matters more here – especially in Atlanta, home of the College Football Hall of Fame and just an hour away from the multi-championship winning Georgia Bulldogs. Between college football, high school games and your Atlanta Falcons, there will be plenty of football to enjoy this fall and tailgates to pregame before the big game.

Lasagna from Dirty Rascal in Buckhead.

The Best Places to Get Lasagna in Atlanta

Everyone loves lasagna. Layers of cheese and bechamel and meat and saucy goodness come together in one perfect dish. Atlanta has a multitude of Italian restaurants where you can enjoy some version of lasagna – everything from a grandma’s gravy, New Jersey style Italian restaurant to a fine dining, modern approach to Italian food.

Tassili's Raw Reality Cafe - Punany Wrap

These Atlanta Restaurants Are Serving Up Amazing Salads

Yes, as the unofficial capital of the south, Atlanta does amazing fried chicken, delectable biscuits, incredible soul food, and all the other fun stuff that southern cuisine is known for. But it’s also become just as easy to embrace a greener diet in this city if that’s your thing. There are a huge amount of healthy salad/grain bowl spots, local farmers markets, and incredible full-service restaurants where salad is far from an afterthought. Dive into our guide to find a satisfying salad near you!

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