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Steak Shapiro’s Top Ten Burgers in Atlanta

More often than than not, when someone asks me “What are you in the mood for?”–and I get asked that a lot–it’s hard to envision anything I will enjoy more than a medium rare cheeseburger with the freshest bun and various fresh toppings accompanying them.  I LOVE BURGERS, I crave them, I think of them constantly, they make me happy.  So it is now time to put my own burger list out in the universe……I give you Steak Tips: the Top Ten Burgers That Matter Most in my Life Right Now. These are the spots that immediately jump in my head when I know it is time to get my burger on! Listed below in alphabetical order.

Ann's Snack Bar - Ghetto Burger | Photo: Yelp
Ann’s Snack Bar – Ghetto Burger | Photo: Yelp

Ann’s Snack Bar

While Miss Ann has passed on, the city’s obsession with this burger spot has not even come close to subsiding.  Think about the “Ghetto Burger” they talk about around the globe.  It’s bacon, onion, cheese in a double stack with bacon and it is messy and aggressive and beautiful.  
Bocado - Burger
Bocado – Burger


When we write the history of great burgers in Atlanta, Bocado will always hold their own chapter. The Westside spot where they understand the simplicity of two deliciously grilled patties with American cheese and pickles is all you need to reach burger nirvana.


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You can indeed look forward to a tedious business lunch when you know the reward is the classic “Club Burger” at iconic Chops in Buckhead.  What do they do great?  The burger blend of chuck, brisket and short rib with Wisconsin Cheddar, drop the mic.
Fred's Meat & Bread - Bacon Cheeseburger
Fred’s Meat & Bread – Bacon Cheeseburger

Fred’s Meat and Bread

Chef Todd Ginsberg is truly  “the burger whisperer” with his keen sense of what the ideal burger should look and taste like and at Fred’s he delivers again.  In a place where the cheesesteak steals the headlines the burger takes no back seat.  Double stack, sesame bun, moist and juicy and in the friendly confines of Krog Street Market.
H&F Burger - Cheeseburger
H&F Burger – Cheeseburger

Holeman and Finch: HF Burger

There is no top burger list in Atlanta that should ever exist without H&F on it.
I don’t care that you can get them many more places than the original concept on Peachtree when only 20 of them came off the grill each night.  it is forever the Hall of Fame burger in Atlanta for the meticulous manner in which chef Linton Hopkins created them.
Houston's - Takeout Cheeseburger
Houston’s – Takeout Cheeseburger


There is no finer run restaurant group than the folks at Houston’s and the burger speaks to what they’re all about.
Not a lot of fanfare, just the finest quality beef with the softest bun and a level of consistency that is unrivaled.  
I dare you to walk by the grill while they’re cooking them and not order one yourself.
Grindhouse Killer Burgers
Grindhouse Killer Burgers – Burger

Grindhouse Killer Burger

There’s a reason this restaurant has become one of the great burger stories in Atlanta history.  They deserve it.
I hammer the double patty with Swiss cheese and grilled onions along with those perfect crinkle cut fries and know that all is right in the world.
Muss and Turner’s – Burger

Muss and Turner’s

A trip to Smyrna always makes sense when the destination is Muss and Turner’s and their burger is in play. 
The folks at M&T’s know about great ingredients and their grass fed burger with white cheddar, onions and poblano pepper are living proof of just that. 
NFA Burger - Cheeseburger
NFA Burger – Cheeseburger

NFA Burger

The hottest burger in our city is coming out of a Chevron gas station in Dunwoody and yes the hype is real.
Owner Billy Kramer researched the hell out of burgers and then delivered a knockout punch with his double and triple cheeseburgers topped with American cheese, pickles, mustard and “sassy” sauce, trust the “burger scientist” here.
Burger from One Eared Stag
One Eared Stag – Burger

One Eared Stag

When you dub yourself “Meatstick” and were originally only secret menu item than you need to live up to the folklore.  Hell if they do!
Travel to Edgewood Avenue and experience the brioche bun, shaved onion and double stack cheeseburger that will turn around any day that wasn’t going as planned.  
The Vortex - Diner Burger | Photo: Facebook/thevortexmidtown
The Vortex – Diner Burger | Photo: Facebook/thevortexmidtown

The Vortex

Before there was a hundred great burger spots in Atlanta there was only one, The Vortex.
Folks come from near and far for the insane combinations of specialty burgers or just the standard Vortex burger that is always perfectly cooked along with their signature tater tots to make sure that the stars are indeed still aligned.

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