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Atlanta’s Best Chicken Sandwiches

It’s only fitting that the national fast food fried chicken sandwich wars have also played out on the local level at Atlanta’s restaurants. With a city packed full of so many talented restaurateurs, it’s pretty much inevitable that there have been some mean chicken sandwiches created all over ATL. Here are some of our favorites–let us know on social media if we missed out on any of your favorites!  


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B&L Wings’s Dirty Bird Chicken Sandwich 

It’s only fitting that Atlanta’s Wing King stepped into the chicken sandwich arena with a mean dirty bird chicken sandwich.  Brad of B&L Wings, a pick-up/delivery only wing spot and  an Atlanta Eats staff favorite, has developed a great chicken sandwich with a massive chicken breast breaded and fried in his signature hot, honey lemon pepper sauce with slaw, pickles, and his homemade sweet blue cheese. It’s available only on Fridays–the perfect way to kickstart your weekend. 

the hot chicken at hattie b's
Hattie B’s – Hot Chicken Sandwich

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken Sandwich

It may have been Prince’s Hot Chicken that pioneered the mind-numbingly hot and now, widely popular Nashville hot chicken craze. But we also appreciate Hattie B’s take, with their hot chicken sandwich with spice levels from mild to “Shut the Cluck Up!” Be warned that their mild spice level is very mild, so you’re going to want to up the spiciness if you’re more used to Prince’s.  

Hero Donuts - Burger & Super Crunch Sandwich
Hero Donuts – Burger & Super Crunch Sandwich

Hero Donut’s Chicken Sandwich

Popular Alabama spot Hero Donuts & Buns have opened up a storefront in Summerhill, Atlanta featuring delicious offerings all perfect for your next cheat meal. There are some solid cake donuts, totally fire burgers, and of course, chicken sandwiches that are a must-try. The Buffalo chicken sandwich is a saucy, delicious mess of a sandwich and the extra crispy Super Crunch sandwich with pepper jam and cracked sauce are is also on point. 


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Java Saga’s ABC Chicken Sandwich

We’ve had buttermilk fried chicken, we’ve had Korean fried chicken, we’ve had Nashville hot chicken… is Taiwanese chicken the next big thing? Java Saga is making a strong case for it with their assortment of chicken sandwiches. We’re partial to the ABC sandwich with jalapeño American Cheese, Asian slaw, sweet pickles, and Boomin’ Mango Habanero sauce, but they’ve also got a 886 Sandwich with daikon-carrot slaw, jalapeño peppers, cilantro and Sriracha mayo and Jolly Rancher sandwich with bacon, fried egg, jalapeño American cheese, avocado, and jalapeño ranch. 

M&M Comfort Zone - Chicken Sandwich | Photo:
M&M Comfort Zone – Chicken Sandwich | Photo:

M&M’s Comfort Zone’s Honey-Lemon Pepper Chicken Sandwich

M&M’s Comfort Zone is serving up all the women-owned soul food goodness in East Atlanta. And they’ve got a sandwich that’s totally Atlanta: a honey-lemon pepper chicken sandwich with a crispy, buttermilk fried chicken breast glazed with honey-lemon pepper and topped with a celery and carrot slaw. Diners also rave about their salmon cakes! Available for delivery on UberEats 

Ponko Chicken - Chicken Sandwich
Ponko Chicken – Chicken Sandwich

PONKO’s OG Sauce Chicken Sandwich 

We don’t know what it is about PONKO Chicken, but something about the way they fry chicken and make their sauces just makes it so addicting. And we’re thrilled they’ve expanded so that you can easily find a location near you almost everywhere in ATL. Get their chicken sandwich in OG, BBQ, or Spicy and be sure to also order a side of their sesame foodie fries. Their OG Sauce is delicious, but you’ll have to try all three flavors to see your fave! 


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Scoville’s Hot Chicken Sandwich

My life has substantially improved ever since Scoville Hot Chicken opened up right near my home. Their hot chicken sandwich, available from non-spicy all the way up to reaper, will be your new weekly go to chicken fix. The coleslaw on top adds a hit of coolness to the heat, and the chicken is absurdly massive, overflowing over the buns’ sides. You’re going to love it! 

Sidecar at Milltown - Chicken Sandwich
Sidecar at Milltown – Chicken Sandwich

Sidecar at Milltown’s Chicken Sandwich

If every Sunday you find yourself despairing that you can’t get your chicken sandwich fix from you-know-where, then we’ve got the perfection solution for you. Sidecar at Milltown in Cabbagetown does a Chick-fil-a style chicken sandwich that’s the crunchy bird you’ve been looking for. Tell the Chef, Ben, we sent ya. 


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Zunzi’s Conquistador

Few sandwich spots have as ardent of a cult following as South African inspired Zunzi’s!  While all the other sandwiches on this list are fried–because hey, fried chicken generally > every other kind of chicken–Zunzi’s serves up all the deliciousness with a baked chicken sub on French Bread with romaine lettuce, tomato, provolone, parmesan, Zunzi’s sauce and Zunzi’s dressing. It totally slaps and has won tons of awards. 


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