Foodie Thoughts from the Atlanta Eats Staff

Missed our Facebook live a few Wednesdays back? No worries! You can find it here on our Facebook page. Or, if you prefer reading, we’ve got a list of the awesome spots we talked about based on questions from those who tuned in. Disclaimer: this list is not all-encompassing…just some thoughts from our team!

What’s the hottest restaurant in Atlanta right now?

We love Staplehouse and Bread and Butterfly. Something cool: all after-tax profits from Staplehouse benefit The Giving Kitchen, which provides emergency assistance grants to metro Atlanta restaurant workers facing unanticipated crisis. Bread & Butterfly is a European cafe located in Inman park that hosts a French happy hour Tuesday through Friday, 4-6pm.

Which drink is best paired with BBQ?

It’s evident from our clip that margaritas go GREAT with BBQ! We loved all the drinks Gigi mixed up for us. The Cabo Margarita from Cabo Cantina is beautifully simple and classic with fresh organic agave, fresh lime juice, triple sec and silver tequila.

What’s Cabo Cantina?

Cabo Cantina is a new-to-town Mexican cantina in Buckhead! It’s got a huge patio and & incredibly fresh, made to order food. Got a pooch? This place is ultra kid and dog friendly…with a dog safe taco menu! It’s right down the road from our office on Pharr, and is one of our favorite spots to hit for lunch.

Tell us more about Cabo’s drinks!

Besides the classic Cabo Margarita described above, Gigi also whipped up the Spicy Marg, the Guava Mojito, and The Border. She said the Spicy Marg was her favorite, and we agreed. It had a real kick with fresh jalapeños being the first ingredient. The guava mojito is perfect if you need something really refreshing. It has guava rum, fresh mind, lime and fresh guava nectar.  The Border begins with a bullet bourbon moscow and chocolate bitters, and ends with a cherry on top and a smile.

Gigi told us that the number one way to screw up a perfectly good margarita is to not use the fresh stuff! Away with the sour mixes and hangover-grade tequila!

What’s your favorite neighborhood BBQ spot?

We looooved our Smokebelly BBQ during the event. The chopped brisket, pulled pork, and wings were prime meat. The mac n’ cheese was unreal, and we definitely ate too much of it (but don’t regret it!). Another spot we love is DAS BBQ. They may be tied with Twin Smokers for our favorite brisket. Another great spot is Sweet Auburn.

What makes a good BBQ restaurant?

So what is it? Sides? Beer? Meat? Sauce? Well, we decided that Greater Good has the best sides. The sides alone are worth going there. DAS has the best cream corn. They actually catered our office lunch last week and the cream corn bowl was scraped clean at the end. For all other spots, meat is king for determining the quality of a BBQ restaurant! First and foremost, we believe that smoked meat should be expected from BBQ spots.

BBQ…for Brunch?!

Ah, interesting question. So the Pig and the Pearl at Atlantic Station has a BBQ Benedict that’s awesome. It has a really nice and tender brisket on it. We also like Two Urban Licks’ chorizo breakfast plate. Because everything’s better with chorizo.

More on Smokebelly!

Their BBQ is supreme. But aside from that, this place has an amazing patio. It’s the perfect spot to go watch college football and grab some pulled pork.

Who’s got the good Brunswick Stew?

Fox Bros! We also love Fresh Air BBQ, but they’re in Jackson, GA which is about an hour out. Totally worth the drive though…

Where’s a good date night spot?

What better way to impress someone special than feed them well! For date nights, we love Aria, MF Sushi, Canoe, Le Bilboquet, and Hal’s.  (We also discussed that Hal’s has REALLY good bread pudding.)

Where can you get a great Lobster Mac n Cheese?

Chops & Ruth Chris. Both are creamy and decadent.

What’s your favorite spot OTP?

This question is a little vague, but one of our OTP-livin’ employees, Cody, said he likes West Cobb Diner. It’s affordable and yummy.

Where can you get a good cheeseteak?

Fred’s Meat and Bread, Woody’s by Piedmont Park and Philly Connection are some great spots.

Where’s a good place to eat at The Battery on a non game day?

Antico’s! We’re obsessed…

What spots are particularly family friendly?

Any neighborhood Mexican restaurant is going to be great for the kiddos. We personally like Tacos and Tequila and Cabo.

Where can I bring my dog?

Cabo (see the dog safe tacos mentioned above), Lucky’s, Ladybird and Bantam Pub.

Where do I go for a special occasion?

Nikolai’s Roof

Who uses a Big Green Egg?

Ray’s Killer Creek & The Establishment do!

What’s the identity of the Atlanta dining scene?

There isn’t one in the best way possible.  Atlanta is a melting pot and the dining scene reflects that. Food here is usually chef driven. Something unique about our dining, however, is all of the different neighborhoods have different personalities, which is reflected in its restaurants.


Fritti has a Nutella pizza that slays.

What’s the food truck scene doing right now?

Woodstock’s Truck and Tap is where it’s at, as well as the food truck park off of I-75.

Where can you get a great burger?

Mary Mac’s, Ted’s, Houston’s, Cabo (their Mexican burger is half chorizo!), Buckhead Diner, Bocado, 7 Lamps, Grindhouse, The Vortex & Highland Tap.

Where are some good Martini’s?

The Palm and Houston’s

Where’s a good dessert spot on the Southside?

Debbie’s Delights!

Who makes your favorite hotwings?

This is a LOADED question. Three Dollar Cafe, Taco Mac, Stats, The Establishment & Kaleidoscope are a few faves!

Great spot OTP NW?

Spring and Two Birds.

Who has killer french fries?

Takorea, Yumbii, Smokebelly’s disco fries, & Grub Burger’s Luau fries.

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