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The Ultimate Kennesaw, GA Dining Guide

Editor’s Note: This article was first published on March 10, 2022 and last updated May 5, 2023.

Kennesaw may be one of the metro Atlanta area’s most bucolic neighborhoods as well as the home to Kennesaw State University. It’s settled at the foot of beautiful Kennesaw mountain and has small farms and ranches nestled next to sprawling suburbs. From chef-driven restaurants to mom-and-pop shops to the favorites you know and love, there are tons of great options when you’re dining in Kennesaw. We’re presenting a few below with our Kennesaw dining guide!


For nearly two decades, Capers has made a habit out of making regulars who keep coming for more. They focus on fresh seafood and a New American menu, but their approach is anything but pretentious. Led by a husband and wife team, the restaurant has a pleasant family friendly atmosphere and is a great place to celebrate date night or dinner with the kids. It’s also just a stone’s throw away from Kennesaw State University! 

Cigar Cellar

You’d think a place focused on world class cigars wouldn’t have the energy to focus on world class dishes, but you’d be wrong. At Cigar Cellar, the dishes are just as important as their star stogies. They’ve got great small plates like charcuterie, crab dip, bacon wrapped dates, truffle fries and more. If you’re looking for something a little heartier, try the Bison Short Rib and gnocchi or the Bistro Steak. And of course, they have a wide selection of “smoked” cocktails.


This sandwich shop with a huge following in the mid Atlantic region has only one ATL location – and it’s right in Kennesaw. With a focus on fresh deli style sandwiches and fresh baked bread, they really go for it with their sandwiches, including the Bobbie – turkey, cranberry sauce and delicious stuffing for Thanksgiving in one sandwich, year round. It’s also super close to Kennesaw State University (KSU) so fabulous for hungry college students. 


Kennesaw deserves great Italian food and Crispina delivers. Thanks to Italian imported pizza ovens and ingredients, along with fresh pastas and desserts, locals don’t have to search very far to find a world class dinner. Chef Raffaele Crispino is focused on delivering authenticity and Southern Italian flavors in every dish, and it shows at Crispina. Great for dinner with the family or date night with your loved one, Crispian is right by Kennesaw State University, too. 

Rotisserie Shop

This husband and wife restaurant focuses on recreating the Southern favorites we all grew up with really well. But of course, with a name like Rotisserie Shop you know it starts with the chicken – and they make it marvelous. Slow cooked and brined overnight, their birds are beautiful – but if that’s not what you’re looking for, there’s plenty of other delicious options on the menu like pork poutine, shrimp and grits, and more.

Juicy Crab

This popular, burgeoning restaurant chain brings the regional approach of a cajun seafood bag boil and brings it to the masses. With some of the best flavored crab legs you’ve ever had in your life, you’ve got to try the boils, along with fresh fried seafood and more.

Big Pie in the Sky

A lot of folks know Big Pie in the Sky for their Carnivore Challenge – two people must eat an 11lb pizza in an under an hour. But they’re more than gimmicks. The pizza is delicious, with a crispy crust, fresh ingredients and a nicely seasoned red sauce. Head in on a weekend to see if you can catch a Kennesaw State student trying the challenge, then give one of their specialty pies a try like the The West Coast Pesto or the Big Kahuna (for those pineapple on pizza freaks).


Popeye’s founder Al Copeland was happy to have a successful chicken chain under his belt, but he wanted to share all the flavors of NOLA with the masses, not just chicken. That’s where Copeland’s began, which is his attempt to recreate the best dishes in one of the best food cities in the country and bring them to your neighborhood. Kennesaw’s is one of the best Copeland’s locations in the country, with a focus on fresh food and solid cajun cuisine.

Tin Lizzy’s Cantina

This local Atlanta chain might be known for a great night out, but don’t overlook their menu – they’ve got a killer kitchen. We’re particularly big fans of their starters – the buffalo chicken nachos are a great way to fill up before throwing a few back with friends. The huge taco selection is big but don’t let it intimidate you – every selection on there is solid. And don’t sleep on their skillets!

Marlow’s Tavern

There’s a reason families look for reliability and a menu that makes everyone happy. Have you tried eating with kids at a fine dining restaurant?! That’s why Marlow’s always hits the mark – with a lively atmosphere, tv’s everywhere, and a menu with multiple options, no one in your party will be pouting.

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