Our 5 Favorite Greasy Food Groups

Every hangover deserves a good greasy dish, and with football season in full swing, we know y’all could use some day-after-drinking suggestions. We’ve split this up into five greasy food groups in celebration of National Greasy Food Day on October 25th. Check out our list below and keep it in mind the next time you’ve had a full day of tailgating.

fried chicken breast at feed

Fried Chicken
Is there anything better than the greasy, crackly bits of fried chicken at the bottom of your dish? Nope. We’ll go anywhere for a good fried chicken and we have – including Feed Fried Chicken and such, Table and Main, and The General Muir.

Ted’s Canyon Creek Burger

We love that a burger can be a palette for a creative chef to put his or her mark on it however they see fit, but that it can also be perfect between two buns with cheese. We’ve covered a whole slew of burger restaurants on Atlanta Eats – so much so that it’s a category on our site! STATS, Grub Burger, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, Ted’s, Bocado and Kirby G’s are great places to start.

We always order the Diavola from Antico Pizza.

The most efficient grease bombs for your body? Pizza! Pizza! Again, we have a whole section of our site dedicated to pizza, no matter where you live. You can always find amazing pizza napolitana at places like Antico, Varuni Napoli, and Genuine Pizza, or go for other pie variations like deep dish at Rosati’s, or New York style pies at places like Max’s Coal Oven Pizzeria.

The Tominator from Fox Bros. BBQ
It’s been solving moonshine hangovers since prohibition and nowadays it’s available in nearly every neighborhood in Atlanta. We love a good pulled pork to soak up the booze, but sides help too. At Fox Brothers, their Tomminator – tater tots covered with Brunswick stew and cheese – seems like it was invented for this holiday. Check out more BBQ spots here.

French Fries
The great thing about French fries is that you can dress them up a million different ways – like they do at places like SmokeJack BBQ (triple bypass fries) and Grub Burger (luau fries). But the spin on fries can also be more subtle, like at Takorea/Hankook – their sesame fries are famous all around Atlanta and can be the perfect, next-morning snack.

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